Nancy Nardin: Smart Selling Tools
Corey Livingston: Level 3 Commuications, LLC

Babette N. Ten Haken: Sales Aerobics for Engineers®, LLC

Company: Sales Aerobics for Engineers®, LLC
Years in Business: 26 years in various LLCs


Brief description of nominees achievements:

Babette challenges stereotypes and breaks down corporate silos. She believes the fulcrum leveraging innovative business development is collaboration between technical and non-technical professionals. Her work with B2B companies allows business owners to bring cross-functional teams together, early in the business development cycle, positively impacting revenue generation. Her approach allows sales/non-technical and engineering/technical professionals to collaborate in the leads-identification and development process, bringing the entire team to the finish line, together.

Her background as a scientist, market researcher, Voice of the Customer and Six Sigma practitioner, and sales rep, within the internet marketing, e-commerce, manufacturing and pharmaceutical arenas, position to understand the context that today’s mature and entrepreneurial businesses need to take to acquire new customers and retain them.  She deftly guides clients 1 millimeter outside their comfort levels and charts courses beyond the status quo sales methods of their company and industry. Her approach is a game-changer for the global economy.

Her work with entrepreneurs and venture capital companies recognizes similarities between 2nd stage funded companies and mature small businesses. Her approach is tipping the dominos in Ann Arbor, MI. She teaches smart selling for technical and non-technical professionals.

Nominee's Achievements in the Field of of Sales Lead Management:

  • Consultant, Voice of the Customer, GE Capital ITS – analysis of Value-Added Reseller Marketplace, New Customer Acquisition, Risk Management and Customer Retention
  • Internet Marketing  Sales Representative – Thomas Publishing Company
  • Industrial Business Development Strategist – Sales Aerobics for Engineers
  • Expert Resource Board, Sales Engineering and Business Development – Ann Arbor SPARK Business Incubator
  • Mentor and Competition Judge, Michigan Clean Energy Venture Challenge – Her team placed 2nd in Michigan Competition on 2/27/2012 and was a finalist in the Regional Finals in Chicago March 1, 2012.
  • Mentor, Great Lakes Entreprenurs’ Quest, early-stage entrepreneurs
  • Competition Reviewer, Accelerate Michigan! Business Competition

Professional Boards:

 Professional Mentor to the National Science Foundation Entrepreneurial program