20 Women to Watch Nominees 2019 Feed

Genie Parker - VanillaSoft


Genie Parker is nominated by SLMA Staff

With over 30 years in business, Genie Parker is an accomplished sales and marketing leader and influencer. The range of her career experiences, with an emphasis on doing business by phone, reaches into hundreds of industry verticals including technology, non-profits, business services, financial services, and manufacturing.

Parker co-founded Parker, Murray and Associates, a call center that supplied sales and sales leads to small businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, in various industries. At Parker Murray, Genie drove the adoption of new lead management technologies before launching VanillaSoft.
Genie's company consistently delivered sales, qualified leads, appointments, marketing, and fund-raising services to businesses from The Fortune 500 to small businesses across the United States for 15 years.

PMA gained a reputation in the industry with companies looking to carry out highly-productive calling campaigns while ensuring a quality customer experience. Her knowledge of technology and the entire phone sales process gives her the ability to bring the two together to give VanillaSoft customers the tools they want and need.

VanillaSoft has evolved in one of the most powerful CRM software tools on the market. VanillaSoft’s core philosophy and development process are centered around a single concept: The Power of Simplicity. By focusing on simplicity, it allows its customers to achieve increased productivity, higher contact rates, and better sales accountability. Simplicity has also undoubtedly driven the acceptance of the system by salespeople. It was from her real-life experiences with Parker Murray that they created an Intuitive and easy-to-use, customer relationship management system.  Genie is a visionary who identifies the need for specific tools in the emerging inside sales market. She also advocates for the need to adapt queue-based technology to high-end sales.

SALES LEAD MANAGEMENT ACHIEVEMENTSGenie Parker has played a major role in the management of VanillaSoft's operations:

  • Built internal accounting system and processes for HR, AR, and AP.
  • Built internal sales process
  • Built support knowledge base
  • Oversaw new website development
  • Found and built business development relationships
  • Played an integral role in developing and building VanillaSoft's Cloud-based, Lead Management Platform

In her current role, Genie oversees marketing strategy, directs marketing communication efforts, and partners with sales to continue increasing VanillaSoft’s brand awareness and market penetration.

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Kathy Bryan - Digital Media Solutions


Kathy Bryan, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications at Digital Media Solutions is nominated by Kimberlee Archibald.

Kathy Bryan is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), an industry leader in the world of customer acquisition and retention that helps clients maximize their digital marketing to beat the competition and accelerate growth. In this role, Kathy is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications for DMS and its subsidiary brands. Since its inception, DMS has evolved into a full-service performance marketing company that services firms within highly complex and competitive industries including mortgage, education, insurance, consumer brands, automotive, jobs and careers. DMS has achieved incredible year-over-year growth, which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

A senior-level strategic marketer with strong B2C and B2B expertise via integrated marketing, brand management, demand generation, content marketing and client services, Kathy has made significant contributions to developing and maintaining the DMS brand across multiple platforms. Bryan has worked at both global and boutique advertising agencies with Fortune 100 clients in the hospitality, travel, mortgage, education and retail sectors.


Rachel Schulties - Digital Media Solutions


Rachel Schulties, Executive Vice President, Digital Agency at Digital Media Solutions is nominated by Kimberlee Archibald.

Rachel Schulties is the Executive Vice President of the Digital Agency at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), an industry leader in the world of customer acquisition and retention that helps clients maximize their digital marketing to beat the competition and accelerate growth. As the leader of the cross-functional agency team, Rachel oversees affiliate marketing, client and vendor relationships, agency services, performance marketing, the award-winning Sparkroom performance technology and its technical support function that helps brands boost results and redefine the win. DMS has achieved incredible year-over-year growth, which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Rachel has spent her career managing client relationships, building strong teams and delivering highly successful multi-channel marketing campaigns that have connected thousands of consumers with hundreds of brands. This expertise allows her to provide best practices in lead gen and digital marketing guidance to some for the most complex and competitive companies.

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Mary Rogul - Crayon


Mary Rogul, VP Sales Strategy & Engagement at Crayon has been nominated by David Donlan at Crayon.

David says about Mary, "Mary’s accomplishments as a sales contributor, executive, leader, and trainer are extensive. I had the pleasure of first working with her at HubSpot, where she joined as one of the first 100 employees and helped scale the business to 850 employees, a successful IPO, and global expansion. As a member of the enterprise sales team, the fastest growing business unit, she frequently led the business in revenue attainment. She has since gone on to lead and advise sales teams at global enterprises, including implementing strategic software and service initiatives with Cerner Healthcare and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP. Mary now serves as Crayon’s VP of Sales Strategy & Engagement, leading sales hiring, training, and development programs for a world-class team of mid-market and enterprise sales executives. In her first three months, she has already exceeded sales hiring and training targets and rolled out new initiatives that have yielded the business millions of dollars of sales pipeline. She is a a frequent speaker and panelist for Women in Sales Leadership and Women in Tech."

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Anna Fisher - ZoomInfo


Anna Fisher is nominated by Caitlin Coen of ZoomInfo. Caitlin tell us, "As VP of Marketing at ZoomInfo, Anna Fisher is at the forefront of innovation, building brand awareness and cultivating top-of-market lead generation strategies. Anna’s strategic skill set in business and marketing has been impactful for driving revenue via nurture campaigns, marketing-related webinars, and thought-provoking conferences. This past year, her team’s metrics continued to rise as 72% of all closed-won opportunities resulted from marketing-generated leads. Furthermore, 33% of MQLs converted from multi-channel lead generation programming.

In addition to leading her team to success, Anna is an active contributor to many well-known publications, including CMO.com, Chief Marketer, and MKTGinsight. For the past 4 consecutive years Anna has been included in SLMA’s list of 20 Women in Business to Watch and in 2017, named one of SLMA’s 40 Most Inspiring Leaders.  

Anna and her team also hosted ZoomInfo’s 3rd annual Growth Acceleration Summit, bringing together hundreds of B2B marketing and sales professionals from around the country. The event housed over 600 attendees and nearly 50 speakers for two days of multi-tracked sessions, presentations, workshops, and networking events. "



Kyla O'Connell - Asher Strategies


Kyla O'Connell, Senior Partner, and Sales Facilitator at Asher Strategies is nominated by David Potts from Asher Strategies

He tells us, "Kyla O'Connell has worked (fought) her way up from a starting position as an outside sales representative to becoming senior partner in a global sales and marketing company and an inspiration to women in sales.  Everything she has accomplished, from winning games as a star lacrosse player to showing Vistage Worldwide business owners how to increase sales, has been done at full throttle.  Kyla has gained the respect of hundreds of business people around the world for her skill in coaching and guiding sales leaders and sales teams in growing their customer bases beyond their expectations.  She is especially effective at inspiring young women sales professionals to grow, to learn, to excel, and to become sales leaders themselves.  Never satisfied with sales training business as usual, Kyla has found new ways to make traditional sales essentials current and created new approaches tailored to new markets.  She is the co-host of the Asher Sales Sense podcast, a master in identifying sales aptitude through her own expertise and the Advanced Personality Questionnaire, a brilliant marketing strategist, and even a practiced image consultant.  Kyla is truly a business leader to watch and I highly recommend consideration of this recognition."

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Chrystel Adams - Communisis


Chrystel Adams is nominated by Cyndi Greenglass of Diamond Communication Solutions. She says about Chrystel, "In role, Chrystel is leading the Global P&G account for Communisis where she is responsible for delivering exceptional client service through building, motivating and leading a team across 15 European geographies. In 2017, Chrystel was promoted to Head of Client Services for Communisis, where she gives strategic leadership and direction to her teams. She manages a client base including P&G, Nestle, Bacardi and J&J and is fully accountable for the delivery of the clients’ requirements while growing profitable sales for Communisis.

Chrystel has a passion for inclusivity and diversity, with a specific interest in promoting Women in Business initiatives. She understands the pressures and challenges of balancing her career goals and her family life and is well placed to share her experiences with others. She is encouraged with recent strides made in addressing gender inequality, such as the legislation relating to the gender pay gap, but is keen to build further on this momentum. 

Chrystel recently participated in the Global Women’s Forum meeting in Paris.  At the invitation of her client, she recently attended an extremely powerful Diversity and Inclusion meeting which was hosted at the P&G Headquarters in Cincinnati. 

She is a keen advocate of her passion within Communisis. She wishes to ensure fundamental change takes place in order to nurture, develop and bring talent into her organization and support growth.  She is actively working within Communisis to develop a program of activity which gives women more confidence to develop fulfilling careers and open up more opportunities to address gender imbalance in the workplace. Chrystel’s call to action for Women in Leadership is clear: we need to make Women in Business initiatives a higher priority topic in order to accelerate a better future and growth for organizations who embrace this. She is determined to deliver a clear step change within the wider organization. 

Chrystel has been leading teams across marketing and print communications for two decades. She started her career working for a French print management group deploying complex services across Europe. She then moved to Charterhouse where she utilized her excellent strategic client engagement skills to evolve Charterhouse from a UK-centric print management company to being a global player with a blue chip client portfolio including Unilever, Stanley Black & Decker, Coca Cola, Renault and Nissan. She was appointed Head of Client Services with a seat on the board of Charterhouse in recognition of her contribution to the growth of the organization.

Chrystel graduated from the Institute of Economy and Commercial Sciences – IECS- Strasbourg, and started her career in the UK, as a logistics leader at Timken, then moved to be a Manufacturing accountant for British Associated Food before settling in the Marketing Services Industry."

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Liz Brohan - CBD Marketing


Liz Brohan is nominated by Cyndi Greenglass of Diamond Communication Solutions. Cyndi tells us why she was compelled to nominate Liz:

The entrepreneur fire has always burned brightly within Liz and was ignited by the feeling that she could build a world-class agency and help clients solve problems from both a business and marketing perspective. So Colman Brohan & Davis Inc. (CBD Marketing) was established, and Liz took on the position as Co-CEO and President to help build the agency.

Within CBD, Liz is dedicated to the development of her team.  Career development, strength identification, gap analysis, sharpening skills and on-going training on emerging marketing technologies.  The happiness and satisfaction levels of her colleagues is paramount in work.  She is keen on building a culture that provides both an environment that promotes collaboration and flexible work options, as well as innovation and exceptional work products.

Liz has created many opportunities to celebrate and assist deserving marketing professionals just embarking on their careers. 

Most recently, she established a pioneering virtual internship program that allows college students all over the country the opportunity to gain real-world marketing experience with national and international corporations without having to move to Chicago. Beginning with a partnership with Kent State University, Liz worked to align the internship goals, objectives and student’s curriculum with the needs of current CBD clients. 

As a woman-owned business, Liz takes great pride in celebrating the achievements of businesswomen in marketing across several industries. In fact, Liz helped develop a program celebrating Kick-Ass Women™. It recognizes inspiring and game-changing women who’ve helped advance their profession or make a difference in the lives of others.  

Not only does Kick-Ass Women recognize accomplished female executives, but it is primarily designed to provide young professionals with insight on lessons learned from the business world. Kick-Ass Women highlights the importance of taking risks, standing up for what you believe in, and gaining the experience it takes to become a better leader — especially when things don’t work out as expected. Liz also developed the first-ever mentorship program for the members of the Executive Advisory Council at Governors State University. Serving on this council with so many talented professionals from some of Chicagoland’s most prestigious organizations, inspired her to pair these individuals with high- potential students in order to prepare them for success in their upcoming careers. A high percentage of Governors State University’s student population come from underserved communities, which makes them so eager to partner and learn.

Lastly, another program honoring and recognizing young professionals that is very near and dear to Liz’s heart is CADM’s Emerging Leaders Award. This award recognizes marketers with 2 to 8 years of experience who have already made a difference in their company and community.

Liz created this program in 2008 as a way for CADM to increase its relevancy with Millennials and entice them to become members. In response to these initiatives and her 20+ years of service to her community and CADM, Liz was honored as the association’s 2016 Response Marketer of the Year.  

Ellie Mirman, Crayon


Ellie is nominated by David Donlan at Crayon. He says, "Ellie Mirman has built and scaled Crayon’s marketing to tens of thousands of users and hundreds of enterprise accounts, many in the Fortune 500, since joining the company just two years ago. Ellie brings a wealth of marketing experience from her time at HubSpot and Toast. At HubSpot, she was the second marketer and was responsible for demand generation and supporting hundreds of sales reps with 40,000+ new inbound leads every month. She established many marketing programs that helped the company scale from 100 customers to IPO for over seven years. At Toast, she built the marketing team and function, increasing marketing-sourced bookings >200% year-over-year and garnering national and industry coverage for the company’s fast growth, unique products, and customer success.

At Crayon, she is building marketing from scratch once again and has been a great partner for sales and product and a great supporter of her own team’s growth and development. She is a champion of professional development, customer centricity, data-driven marketing, and agile development to support the company’s ability to hit aggressive goals and constantly learn and grow. 

Ellie is a frequent blogger and speaker. Her blog articles have attracted thousands of readers, her ebooks have been downloaded thousands of times, and her presentations have been viewed by tens of thousands of marketers and business leaders. In 2019, she is speaking at B2B Marketing Exchange (Feb 25-27), SEMpdx (Mar 7-8), Product Marketing Community Conference (multiple dates and cities), and MAICON (Jul 16-18), among other engagements. Ellie has been recognized for her marketing accomplishments and leadership through awards, including BostInno’s 50 on Fire and SLMA’s Women Leaders to Watch in Business in previous years. Ellie frequently contributes to Crayon’s blog at www.crayon.co/blog, shares her presentations at www.elliemirman.com."

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Erika Goldwater - inRiver


Erika Goldwater is nominated by Steve Gershik, Founder of Koyne Marketing. He says, "Erika is a teacher.  A mentor.  A guide.  A creative visionary.  She is able to lift up teams she's part of and is always ready to step up to a leadership role at a moment's notice.  She's the kind of modern marketer we mean when we talk about the profile of today's marketer.  And she's got a wicked sense of humor."

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‘20 Women to Watch in Business’ Program Now Accepting Nominations


Sales Lead Management Association Marks the Eighth Year Recognizing Women in Business

Lynden, WA - - Feb 15, 2019 - - James Obermayer, executive director of The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), announced that the organization is accepting nominations for this year’s “20 Women to Watch in Business” recognition program.  

Nominations, accepted until midnight on Monday, April 1, 2019, are for women working in all areas of management for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) service companies.  Eligible company services include: Artificial Intelligence (AI), marketing automation software, digital lead generation, direct marketing agencies, traditional branding agencies, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software, telemarketing, database companies, and sales lead management firms. This is the eighth year for SLMA’s recognition program.

Only SLMA members (membership is free) are permitted to nominate women leaders.  From those nominations, twenty will be selected as the “SLMA 20 Women to Watch in Business 2019.”   Winners, chosen by a panel of judges, will be announced on Monday, April 15, 2019 at 8 a.m. PST.

Nominees are judged on their leadership contributions in B2B and B2C service/vendor companies.  Qualifications, such as book and article authorship, board positions, and speaking on behalf of the subjects of sales lead management, sales enablement and marketing ROI, are considered.  This program is not a popularity contest - - it is a judged event.

Nominations for the “20 Women to Watch in Business 2019” are being accepted here.  

About the Sales Lead Management Association

The SLMA has 7,000 worldwide members, and its website includes 300-plus articles written and provided by 60 industry authors.  Activities throughout the year include an active ‘opinionated’ blog, recognition for the ‘20 Women to Watch in Business,’ and the SLMA Radio Program, currently with 487 episodes and 105,000 listeners. SLMA Radio is one of thirteen marketing and sales shows for at-work listeners on the Funnel Radio Channel.  For more information about SLMA, call Sue Campanale at (360) 933-1259.  The SLMA is a division of the Funnel Media Group. # # #