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March 29, 2011

2011 Winner: Jeanne Hopkins, Hubspot

2011-hopkinsCompany:  HubSpot
Years in Business:  30+

Nominee's achievements:
Jeanne drives lead generation for a team of 50+ sales professionals, delivering upwards of 20,000 leads per month that are segmented, scored and scientifically optimized to help grow HubSpot at breakneck speeds.

Her collaboration with the sales team and the management of a variety of channels to optimal ROI is inspiring and makes her a master at lead gen & management.

Nominee's achievement in the field of sales lead management:

Jeanne manages a marketing team for HubSpot generating hundreds of thousands of high quality inbound leads per year to a growing company.

Some specific accomplishments at HubSpot include:

  • Consistently meeting and exceeding sales SLAs of 20K plus leads per month.
  • Trying new lead generation methodologies from Virtual Conferences to Social Media Ad campaigns all measured to understand ultimate ROI.
  • Collaborating to create the company's first ever 'points-based' SLA between Marketing & Sales in order to drive alignment in both quantity and quality of leads.
  • Blogging, speaking and generally sharing her vast marketing knowledge as a leader and mentor to others in the sales and marketing space.

Prior to HubSpot, Jeanne led marketing at a number of other organizations ranging from CMO at MarketingSherpa to managing Marketing Programs at Symmetricom.  Her experience is one of the
richest of any marketer - she knows how to work with a sales team to help companies grow.  Jeanne exemplifies what it takes to lead sales & marketing teams to success in 2011 & beyond!

Authorship (articles or books):

blog.hubspot.com - many articles

Jeanne Hopkins is nominated by Kirsten Knipp


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having worked with Jeanne at MarketingSherpa, I am glad to see this type of recognition bestowed on her.
She repeatedly demonstrated leadership, vision and a tenacity that kept important campaigns moving in the right direction and I personally learned a lot from her.
Great selection and congrats Jeanne.

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