2011 Winner: Debra da Costa, Direct Marketing Partners
2011 Winner: Karla Blalock, PointClear

2011 Winner: Lisa J. Cramer, LeadLife Solutions

2011-cramer Company: LeadLife Solutions
Years in Business: 20+

Brief description of nominees achievements:

Lisa Cramer is president and co-founder of LeadLife Solutions, a provider of an on-demand lead management solution that helps drive revenue by bundling a state of the art marketing automation platform with highly-experienced marketing and sales specialists. Cramer successfully launched the LeadLife platform in 2008, and was quickly recognized as a thought leader within the industry. In 2010, Cramer helped the company grow over 200%.

Prior to joining LeadLife, Cramer was President and COO of Involve Technology, a Phoenix-based sales knowledge automation SaaS company.  While developing and executing the business plan and strategy, Cramer was instrumental in raising $6.7m in funding and driving revenues of $1.9m during the first 18 months of product commercialization.

Previously, Cramer was VP Marketing/General Manager of IdealHire, an ASP-based Internet recruiting product for corporations. Cramer was instrumental in raising capital and growing the company from 15 employees to 100 employees and revenue growth from $350,000 to over $6m in two years.

Prior to joining IdealHire, Cramer was Director of Strategic Marketing at Viasoft, a developer and marketer of software for the Y2K problem.  While at Viasoft, Ms. Cramer was responsible for the acquisition, integration and positioning of a German-based repository company generating revenues of $30m.

Nominee's Achievements in the File of of Sales Lead Management:

LeadLife Solutions

  • Developed and launched successful software as a service (SaaS) business in marketing automation.
  • Responsible for managing all sales & marketing activities, product management, services, customer success and development direction.
  • Company achieved 200% growth in 2010.
  • Named SLMA’s 2010 “50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals” – ranked seven out of 50 senior executives.
  • Named SLMA’s 2009 “50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals” – ranked five out of 50 senior executives.
  • Recognized in the 2008 - DemandGen 10 Awards.

Involve Technology

  • Developed, built, executed new business strategy and plan – including company and product vision, marketing, distribution, and service models.
  • Developed successful software as a service (SaaS) model including pricing, support and implementation.
  • Personally closed portfolio of key customer accounts (Avnet, JDA Software) resulting in $1.2M contracts, which included a customer purchase of 10,000 seats.
  • Supported sales to sell additional $750,000 within 10 months to such prominent customers as Citrix, Bowe Bell & Howell, and Premier Healthcare.
  • Lead company vision, product strategy/planning, marketing, development, sales and customer support.

Pentawave, Inc.

  • Developed and executed $2.5 million sales and marketing budget.
  • Sold $750k in software during first ninety days to major corporate accounts – Scripps, Cox Communications.
  • Presentations to venture capitalists, investment bankers and strategic partners for $6.5M in private placement.
  • Signed multiple strategic alliances with key partners - Headhunter.net, EDS, Scripps and CareerBuilder.

ViaSoft, Inc.

  • Named Viasoft’s Product Marketing Employee of the Year for FY ‘98.
  • Managed acquisition and spearheaded integration of $30 million company and its product that generated over $7 million in additional revenue within first year. 
  • Oversaw worldwide product marketing & product rollout, including training of international subsidiaries and distributors of acquired repository product.
  • Led company’s partnership and acquisition process after $80 million secondary offering.
  • Acquired process management product, generating $5 million in revenue in year one.
  • Developed strategic alliances with consulting firms and software vendors such as Mercury Interactive.
  • Created and administered $3 million product and marketing budget with P&L responsibility.

Professional Boards:

  • Sales Lead Management Association - Board of Advisors
  • Marketing Automation Software Guide - Board of Advisors

Authorship (articles or books):

LeadLife Solutions Blog – posts weekly


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Speaking Engagements

Digital Marketing World 2010 - Lead Management
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Lead Nurturing for Revenue Acceleration
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Sales Pipeline Analysis and Management

Lisa is nominated by Katie Ratliff