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March 29, 2011

2011 Winner: Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group, Inc.

2011-bertuzziCompany:  The Bridge Group, Inc.
Years in Business: 14

Nominee's Achievements:
Trish has a sixth sense about sales that enables her to skim through the surface of a sales problem and get to the meat of the matter fast. Her methodology is absolutely transformative for improving lead quality.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:
Winner of the Leaders in Sales Lead Management Award in 2009 and 2010.  Recognized expert in the area of integrating Inside Sales with demand generation – from campaign through automation.

Not content to only help her clients gain huge benefits from highly qualified lead production, Trish spearheads research initiatives that she and her firm generously share with the industry to help salespeople and marketers tackle the latest challenges. And, she's so full of energy and passion for what she does that it's infectious.

Examples include the Periodic Table of Inside Sales and the recent Sales Speaks eBook that's a compilation of responses from salespeople about marketing-generated leads.

Trish Bertuzzi founded The Bridge Group with a mission to help technology companies build highly successful inside sales teams.

Since founding The Bridge Group in 1998, Trish has been helping clients build, expand and optimize their Inside Sales strategies.

With over 170 B2B technology clients, Trish and The Bridge Group have helped numerous Sales & Marketing leaders make the big decisions: on implementation strategy, productivity & performance, process, technology and tools.

Prior to founding the Bridge Group, Trish designed and built highly effective inside sales organizations for companies including Legent Corporation, Cadre Technologies, Bachman Information Systems and Telesales, Inc.

Professional Boards:

AA-ISP, Visible Gains, ZoomInfo

Authorship (articles or books):

Inside Sales Experts Blog


Trish is nominated by Ardath Albee


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