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March 10, 2011

Nicole Amsler, Shavlik Technologies, LLC

Company: Shavlik Technologies, LLC
Years in Business: 15

Nominees Achievements:

Nicole Amsler’s career includes more than fifteen years of strategic leadership and implementation in product marketing, marketing communications and corporate communications management within the software, information technology, medical devices and consumer goods industries.

In these roles Nicole shaped and implemented a variety of corporate marketing strategies and tactics including building product roadmaps, developing and launching innovative products, creating product messaging and defining pricing strategies.  Her experience includes all aspects of market research including identifying market trends and opportunities, creating competitive analyses, and developing market and product specifications. 

As part of her global corporate communications efforts, she has extensive experience in developing corporate brands and positioning, managing public, investor and media relations activities, developing online and social media strategies, overseeing and managing crisis and internal communications, and managing company events. 

Her career positions (most recent first) include:

  • Vice President, Marketing - Shavlik Technologies
  • Executive Director/VP, Communications – Meltwater Group
  • Vice President, Corporate Communications – Accuray
  • Director, Marketing and Communications – Ikanos    Communications
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager – Agilent Technologies
  • Product Marketing Manager – Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Nicole holds a BS from California Polytechnic State Univ,  an MS from the University of Tennessee, and an MBA Marketing from Georgia State University.

Nominee’s achievement in the field of sales lead management:

Bullet listing encouraged (2500 word max)

  • Oversaw research at Agilent to identify new primary U.S. and European market segments for lead generation
  • Managed leads from inbound and outbound communications programs at Agilent, resulting in a 200% increase in sales in her first year
  • Developed and managed lead-generating strategies for Ikanos’ planned IPO.  Included growing brand and awareness strategies (corporate messaging and positioning, press releases, online SEO, product launches, events), with 300% growth rate in media hits, and planned IPO.
  • At Accuray, created lead-generating marketing partner program for hospital market segment.  Included online marketing tool kits for hospital partners that were full marketing programs including television and radio ‘campaigns in a box.’ 
  • At Accuray, created lead-generating patient-specific website to educate and build awareness among patients. 
  • At Accuray, created lead-generating medical journal ads for doctors.
  • Developed and managed lead generation events and tradeshows for Accuray.
  • Implemented Google Adwords program at Accuray.
  • Developed and built aligned marketing/sales/communications team to promote corporate and product messaging, built Accuray’s portfolio of assets and credibility, and created the IPO roadshow presentation used to take the company public.
  • At Meltwater Group, designed marketing and communications teams from the ground up and brought lead-building program awareness to the CEO.
  • Oversaw design/build of Meltwater website and lead-generating SEO campaigns.
  • Evangelized and developed beta plan for the transition to marketing-managed lead-nurturing programs at Meltwater Group.
  • Oversaw/managed outbound sales center at Meltwater Group, including transition to marketing-managed lead-nurturing program.
  • At Shavlik, redesigned entire lead-generation/lead-management Flannel process, to increase lead quantity and quality and to cut back on sales time spent on lead response.  Transitioned lead-generation program from hit-and-miss list and cold-calling to more successful integrated marketing communications programs, including multiple Google Adword campaigns, search engine marketing, webinars, white papers, table-top trade shows, pay-per-lead programs, and large email campaigns for lead nurturing and weighting.  New system provides improved lead sourcing statistics and lead ranking.
  • At Shavlik, tracking paid search leads all the way from keyword to revenue.  Directing lead management tracking priorities to maximize qualified leads and lead tracking budget; so far have lowered the cost of converting leads 72%.   
  • At Shavlik, currently developing international lead generation programs with multiple channel partners in Northern Europe.  Lead generation strategies vary based on targeted country; each requires a specific plan.
  • Provides ongoing support to businesses as communications/pr advisor for the Silicon Valley Office Group: 

Authorship (articles or books):

Contributing blogger at Shavlik Technologies


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