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March 16, 2012

Lisa Arthur: Aprimo

Company: Aprimo
Years in Business: 25


Brief description of nominees achievements:

Lisa Arthur is a marketing leader with more than 25 years of experience as a Chief Marketing Officer. In her current role as Aprimo’s CMO, Lisa is once again challenging her company – and senior marketers across the globe – to actively join a revolution. This revolution is about working hand-in-hand with sales, finance and IT to transform marketing into a profit center rather than a cost center.

Lisa’s influence in the marketing community is captured in her weekly Forbes blog series, The Marketing Revolution, which she uses to discuss pressing issues facing marketers. She is also a member of Ball State’s Emerging Media Board of Advisors and a former Advisory Board member of the CMO Council.

Before joining Aprimo, Lisa spent nearly seven years at Oracle as a Vice President of Marketing, managing the market entry and growth for Oracle CRM. She also spearheaded market and demand initiatives for all of Oracle’s services including its E-Business Suite On-Demand. More recently, as the founder for Cinterim, Lisa provided strategic counsel to Silicon Valley start-ups and Fortune 50 technology companies. Lisa also served as CMO for Internet leader Akamai Technologies and application provider Mindjet.

Nominee's Achievements in the Field of of Sales Lead Management:

      A marketing revolution has been going on for more than two years, but it took a visionary to name it. Aprimo CMO Lisa Arthur recognizes the challenges and opportunities of the marketing climate at this moment: smaller budgets, content innovation, integrated marketing and much more. Lisa’s awareness and creativity gave rise to Aprimo’s highly successful Marketing Revolution campaign.

    When Lisa joined the team of marketing automation software provider Aprimo, the marketing world had been turned on its head. The recession forced companies from local businesses to the Fortune 500 to slash their marketing budgets and reevaluate their approach. At the same time, globalization and a massive shift in the business/customer relationship were dramatically altering the industry landscape. Rather than fight this marketing revolution, Aprimo decided to embrace it. To this end, the cloud-based software provider dove headfirst into the industry’s sea of change, developing a series of “Imperatives:” crucial marketing codes to live by.

    Aprimo utilized strong relationships with clients and other marketers to build these Imperatives into useful guidance for the modern marketer. Transforming the Imperatives into videos and important, accessible content, Aprimo turned the Marketing Revolution into something potential customers would actually use: a free product that also demonstrated Aprimo’s value. A rebranded Aprimo website, YouTube videos, and a Facebook page channeled Braveheart and 300 as they beckoned marketing professionals to “Join the Marketing Revolution.” And join it they have.

    The campaign idea was ambitious, and its goals are just as bold. Lisa demands of herself and her team the same thing she promises Aprimo customers – better performance through data-driven marketing that generates more leads, increased sales and higher revenue. She preaches strict accountability to sales, challenging her 30+ member marketing department to deliver more marketing-qualified leads each and every quarter. Aprimo doesn’t consider just any lead to be an MQL; these are quality prospects that Lisa’s team has moved carefully through the Flannel. They are ready to buy.

    Lisa and her counterpart in sales at Aprimo have worked closely to create a richer lead-to-sales pipeline that has made double-digit yearly revenue increases a common occurrence. The staggering price that Teradata recently paid to acquire Aprimo (more than $500M) speaks to the value Lisa and her colleagues have created.

    Lisa’s innovative Marketing Revolution has had an enormous impact on the company and helped the team strive to meet the aggressive targets. Since its inception, the Marketing Revolution has led to a 75% increase in marketing-qualified leads, a remarkable feat considering Lisa’s conservative definition of what qualifies as an MQL. The team has also shown a 36% increase in the number of sales appointments booked and a 35% decrease in the cost of each lead due to optimized performance. Aprimo is confident that these numbers will continue to improve as they help other marketing professionals understand the revolution going on in their own front yards.

    Lisa’s commitment to generating sales leads has also spanned into CRM strategy. On her weekly Forbes blog, she coined the term “intelligent 1:1 marketing,” a technique that Aprimo uses internally and also enables its customers to employ. Intelligent 1:1 marketing is defined by a simple formula:

    Intelligent 1:1 Marketing = Mobile Devices + Triggers + Social Media + Point of Sale Data

    Essentially, Lisa’s creation integrates data from all of today’s channels (mobile, social, QR codes, real-time demand chain data, etc.), allowing marketers to drive revenue in new ways. Through intelligent 1:1 marketing, a completely unique customer experience can be designed: One in which offers are tailored specifically to customer preference in real-time and problems are identified and dealt with efficiently. Intelligent 1:1 marketing is a system that allows marketers – including Lisa herself – to manage sales leads like never before.

    Finally, Lisa has frequently spoken and written about the importance of the CMO-CFO-CIO relationship as it applies to sales lead management. Cooperation between departments, she argues, creates tremendous efficiencies, especially if that cooperation transpires on an executive level. Marketers who work closely with IT can streamline tools and technologies that turn marketing from a cost center into a revenue generator. Integrating the efforts of the finance department with marketing workstreams allows marketers to set targets, monitor progress and make more accurate projections. Lisa’s philosophy of interdepartmental cooperation drives sales leads on a fundamental level: If an entire company functions more smoothly, marketers become more efficient lead generators and nurturers simply by virtue of added time and resources. Lisa has promoted this CMO-CFO-CIO strategy heavily over the last year and employs it in her own role as Aprimo’s CMO. Through integrating efforts with IT and finance, her department has become a more successful lead management team.

      Professional Boards:

        • Current member, Forrester High Tech Advisory Board,
        • Ball State’s Emerging Media Board of Advisors
        • Former member, CMO Council Advisory Board



              The Marketing Revolution (Forbes Blog)

              Two Survival Strategies for Multichannel, Real-Time Customer Engagement

              BtoB: So Much More Than Revenue and Lead Generation

                Lisa is nominated by Andrew Fosbrook


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