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March 13, 2013

2013 Nominee: Andrea Lechner-Becker, LeadMD

Company: Lead MD

Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:

Andrea Lechner-Becker is the VP of marketing services for LeadMD, a marketing automation and CRM services consultancy. She is a Marketo Certified Technical Consultant and Marketo Certified Trainer who spent numerous years prior honing her sales and marketing skills with a variety of companies including the Phoenix Suns, Cox Communications, and Burns Studio Publishing. Lechner-Becker was also a featured speaker at the Eloqua Sports/Arena Users’ Summit on two campaigns she spearheaded for the Phoenix Suns, and has been called upon to lend her expertise to many impressive organizations. Her vibrancy and passion for helping companies grow is evident to customers and coworkers alike, and she is quickly becoming an exceptionally skilled leader in the field.

Nominee's Achievements In Sales Lead Management:

Lechner-Becker has rich expertise in a wide variety of sales lead management platforms, and is presently a strong advocate of Marketo in particular. She expertly encourages her clients to build their marketing automation programs upon Marketo’s strong foundation, and has led dozens of clients in mapping out and simplifying their sales and marketing processes for ultimate efficiency. As someone who spent many years as a one-person sales and marketing department in prior companies, Lechner-Becker has lived and breathed sales lead management. She uses her extensive firsthand experience to fuel the direction she gives to clients while working alongside them on their objectives. Her expertise in a vast array of platforms allows her to work flawlessly amongst her coworkers as well.

In her current role, she covers every aspect of client management, including developing strategies for ultimate lead gathering and maximization, executing on these strategies, and reporting on results. Lechner-Becker is regularly viewed as her client's guide and ally in helping them achieve their goals.

Lechner-Becker takes the service she gives to clients beyond mere implementation to execution and ongoing advisement. She relies upon powerful tools like lead scoring and lead nurturing to help clients bridge the gap between marketing and sales, and further the potency of sales leads. She also teaches clients how to track and prove ROI through advanced marketing automation functions and methodologies, such as Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Analytics. Lechner-Becker is a rare individual who passionately believes in the advantages that marketing automation offers to sales lead management, and teaches them to others. She is a staunch supporter of these platforms both inside the walls of her company and outside, leading to successful case studies, happy customers, and enhanced marketing efforts.

Here is a sampling of a few success metrics that have been experienced by LeadMD clients and can be attributed to Lechner-Becker’s powerful leadership in sales lead management:

  • Increased incremental sales by 150 percent in nine months
  • Managed 2x increase in sales leads, with no increase in headcount
  • Enabled campaigns to come to market 25 percent faster than previously
  • 90 percent opportunity/win ratio
  • Lowered cost per lead by 70 percent based on nurture
  • “Andrea Lechner-Becker, VP of marketing services at LeadMD, has become a trusted partner and consultant since we've engaged with her approximately nine months ago,” says Sharon Shepard, Senior Marketing Programs Manager at Rocket Software. “After making a significant investment in Marketo, Rocket needed the support of an agency to ensure we were leveraging the full capabilities of the marketing automation platform. We also required guidance using the system as well as support with overall marketing strategy. Andrea has delivered on all these needs. She is extremely knowledgeable about Marketo, marketing automation and demand generation strategies and has provided Rocket valuable insight and direction. The depth of her experience combined with her reliability and professionalism has allowed us to fully leverage the system and execute successful marketing campaigns.  In addition, Andrea is very in tune with her customers' needs and is extremely responsive.  It is very rare that I am able to say that a vendor has over-produced and over-delivered, I give Andrea my highest level of endorsement, with pride.”

    Professional Boards:

  • Marketo Certified Technical Consultant
  • Marketo Certified Trainer


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