2013 Nominee: Christina Dieckmeyer, Sales Benchmark Index
2013 Nominee: Ellie Mirman, HubSpot

2013 Nominee: Devon McDonald, OpenView Venture Partners

Company: OpenView Venture Partners

Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:

As the Director of Sales and Marketing Support at OpenView Venture Partners in Boston, Devon sets Go-to-Market initiatives in motion for a diverse investment portfolio. Her strategic guidance has enhanced sales and marketing efforts at more than a dozen OpenView portfolio companies, particularly in the areas of outbound lead generation, content marketing and social media strategy consulting, and direct marketing and influencer marketing program execution.    

Under Devon's direction, the Sales and Marketing Support team has launched over a dozen outbound lead generation programs for OpenViews portfolio companies. Her team is active in the larger entrepreneurial sales and marketing community, providing thousands of viewers with valuable operational content through her popular OpenView blog and eBook initiatives.   

Devon's work has been crucial to the success of OpenViews portfolio, enabling sales and marketing teams to build strong and scalable processes, create impactful messaging and content, develop training programs, and establish management rhythms.

Nominee's Achievements in the Field of Sales Lead Management or Marketing:

• Launches outbound lead generation programs for OpenView’s portfolio companies, including Mashery, Xtium, Prognosis, CentralDesktop, UnboundID, Instructure, USamp, Balihoo, and Zmags.
— Leads the hiring of dozens of outbound lead generation reps to staff portfolio teams
— Leads the hiring of outbound lead generation and inside sales team managers to lead those portfolio teams
— Devon’s teams across the portfolio have generated thousands of qualified opportunities and tens of millions of dollars in the pipeline, resulting in millions of dollars in new customer bookings for OpenView’s portfolio companies

• Developed OpenView’s outbound lead generation assessment used to assess company’s capabilities and maturity levels in the area of outbound lead generation

• Provides both strategic and tactical guidance to portfolio companies in the areas of:
— Influencer marketing program development
— Relationship marketing program development
— Direct marketing and direct sales
— Sales playbook development
— Sales economic model management coaching
— Sales team structuring/development
— Sales automation tool support/best practices sharing

• Produces operational workshops for OpenView’s portfolio companies, including:
— Executive Sales and Operations Best Practices Workshop with Salesforce.com
— B2B Marketing Workshop
— Lead Generation Team Management Workshop
— Sales Execution Workshop for Sales Executives

• Shares sales and marketing support content for thousands of monthly viewers through the OpenView Labs site and Devon McDonald’s Blog for OpenView Labs

• Helped author valuable eBooks such as Building Your Sales Funnel and Sales Forecasts: A Question of Method, Not Magic

• Certified ScrumMaster, keeping the Sales and Marketing Support team focused on their goals

• Prior to OpenView, Devon built and managed the Sales and Marketing recruitment team at Michael Page International


Nominated by: Meghan Hill