2013 Nominee: Karla Blalock, PointClear
2013 Nominee: Carrie Surprenant, PointClear

2013 Nominee: Diane Updyke

Years In Business: 20+

Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:

Diane has been a successful Sales VP and Executive at companies like Eloqua, CrowdFactory (Marketo) and has continued to create growth in tough markets and implement strategies that work to identify revenue opportunities.

Nominee's Achievements In Sales Lead Management:

Diane acts in a hands-on, decisive role for lead, revenue and customer development. Diane comes from a history of engaging marketers in solutions to automate campaigns and acquire customers and manage those relationships long term. She has consistently been able to lead sales team through 50-100% growth year-over-year.

For over 15 years, Diane has managed sales teams for startup and established companies; including business intelligence (Oracle) and infrastructure (early days of WebLogic).

Diane realizes the important of effective lead management and how to leverage the social landscape of today's buyers.

Professional Boards:

Advisory for FlipTop