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March 28, 2013

2013 Nominee: Ellie Mirman, HubSpot

Company: HubSpot

Years in Business: 5.5

Nominee's Achievements:

Ellie is a top-notch inbound marketer, managing the entire Flannel for HubSpot's largest segment. In her 5.5 years at HubSpot, she's overseen customer research, key product launches, and launched significant revenue-driving initiatives, including our webinar series.

Ellie has presented at DemandCon, the Inbound Conference, Marketing Sherpas, and the MassTLC Marketing Summit and is a frequent contributor to HubSpot's Marketing Blog.


Nominee's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management:

Being a marketing manager in an organization that generates more than 80,000 leads per month is a significant job for anyone, but Ellie Mirman, who leads the marketing for the medium-sized business market at HubSpot, makes it look easy. From creating remarkable content to educate leads and customers alike to innovative workflows that nurture leads through the Flannel, Ellie is a master at both the art and the science of sales lead management, and has developed many of the best practices we leverage organization-wide here at HubSpot.

Ellie launched the email marketing program at HubSpot, growing it into the largest lead generation channel in the company, and also started the HubSpot webinar series, pioneered new customer research and feedback channels, and collaborates with the product, sales, and marketing teams on a daily basis to attract, convert, close and delight visitors, leads, and eventually customers.

Ellie is a thought leader in inbound marketing and an expert in Flannel management. Of her expertise, HubSpot Marketing Director Kipp Bodnar notes, “Ellie is the ideal marketer. Her decisions are rooted in data and made in conjunction with her sales director to ensure fluid transitions of leads between marketing and sales. Her marketing is revenue-focused: instead of points for lead scoring purposes she assigns projected revenue values to each lead and leverages these values in her lead management rules.”

Charitable Boards:

Outside of HubSpot, Ellie is the program coordinator for Founder Mentors, a Boston-based organization that matches new entrepreneurs with experienced founder mentors. Ellie graduated with great distinction from McGill University, where she received a BA in World Religions.




Ellie is nominated by Katie Burke



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