2013 Nominee: Patrica McLoughlin, Managed Maintenance, Inc.
2013 Nominee: Jill Rowley, Eloqua

2013 Nominee: Mandy Hauck, CentricsIT

Company: CentricsIT

Years In Business: 3

Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:

Mandy Hauck is the Manager of Marketing Communications at CentricsIT, a comprehensive IT solutions provider headquartered in Atlanta. Hauck joined CentricsIT in 2010 as the company’s only marketing employee. She was tasked with building a lead generation and e-mail marketing strategy from the ground up and has tenaciously made waves with her sharp intellect and no-nonsense attitude toward achieving lead generation success. From writing and launching four websites for the company’s multiple business units to implementing a marketing automation platform (SalesFUSION), Hauck has taken ownership of CentricsIT’s lead generation activities and watched the marketing team grow as its success drove demand for more resources. In less than three years, Hauck and her team have transformed the way CentricsIT generates, tracks, and measures online leads.

Hauck began consulting part-time in 2012. When asked how she juggles client servicing with her full-time role at CentricsIT, she gushes, “I am a naturally devoted person, both in life and business. I would compare it to the way a scientist must feel in the lab--devoted to making discoveries. Studying the digital sales conversation isn't work to me; it’s a mystery that I have to unravel—a fascinating combination of psychological instinct and technological execution.

Nominee's Achievements In Sales Lead Management:

  • Spearheaded the implementation of a robust marketing automation platform (SalesFUSION) and formulated strategic, technical details for a custom-developed CRM integration designed to specifically suit CentricsIT’s lead generation, lead tracking, e-mail marketing, and marketing automation needs.
  • Empowers sales teams with regular training and advanced application resources to drive SQLs.
  • Managed online lead generation efforts that resulted in a 391% increase in MQLs from 2011 to 2012.
  • Worked closely with marketing automation specialists to enhance the way website traffic is analyzed and custom URL parameters are rendered in the SalesFUSION platform.
  • Specializes in the writing and creative development of websites geared toward online lead generation; focuses strongly on SEO copy writing and search-friendly page structure.
  • Launched part-time marketing automation consulting business in 2012 while maintaining full-time job.
  • Blogged on behalf of retail client about proposed Senate/House Bill 5141 in Washington State that would affect red light waits for motorcyclists; blog generated passionate response, which led to the submission of over 45 problem intersections in the state, directly provoking corrective action from the Washington State Department of Transportation.
  • Contracted to write SalesFUSION online help manual and training materials for users.
  • Invited to present at FUSED 2013 User Conference, date TBD, details TBA.





Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:
Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:
Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:
Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:
Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:
Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:
Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements: