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March 15, 2013

2013 Nominee: Jeanne Hopkins, SmartBear Software

Company: SmartBear Software

Brief description of Nominee's Achievements:

Through her successful marketing strategies and unparalleled track record, Jeanne Hopkins has become a distinguished marketing leader who is held in high esteem in both the marketing and tech industries. Her marketing expertise has served many technology companies including SmartBear Software, HubSpot, Symmetricom and Datum Trusted Time. Under Jeanne’s recent leadership as Chief Marketing Officer, she has revolutionized SmartBear’s marketing in just over six months. Previously, Jeanne was Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot, a marketing software leader and pioneer in inbound marketing. She is co-author of the book Go Mobile, a step-by-step introductory look at starting mobile marketing efforts that is a No. 1 best-selling mobile marketing book on Amazon.com.  In addition, she has proven her leadership with numerous awards including a Forrester Groundswell Award, MarketingSherpa B2B Awards, a Magellen Award, a NEDMA Gold Award, a Webby Award and various recognitions for email marketing programs, product catalogs and PR programs.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

As CMO of SmartBear, Jeanne Hopkins has increased the velocity of lead generation in just over six months by implementing a SMarketing (Sales & Marketing) mindset in which she only focuses on the leads that matter most to the company. A firm believer in the top-of-the-Flannel lead-generation capabilities of inbound marketing, she moved SmartBear to an inbound marketing model based on valuable content and built a superstar team for creating a new, more effective relationship with sales. She integrated conversion driven thinking throughout the entire marketing system with sales having few touches on the prospect. Her marketing organization creates and processes over 35,000 leads per quarter. Over 80 percent of those leads are generated globally by trial downloads and an amazing 85 percent of SmartBear’s revenue is generated by these global leads. She also implemented Marketo’s automated marketing platform, unifying the organization’s marketing automation across existing fronts and two new company acquisitions. Jeanne’s expertise in generating good, high volume leads for sales has helped turn SmartBear into the world’s largest volume supplier of free-to-try testing software with more than five million registrations serving over 1.25 million software developers.

Jeanne was named to the 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management professionals by SLMA in 2011 and again in 2012 in addition to being honored with SLMA’s 20 Women to Watch award in 2011. Jeanne has received many marketing awards over the years. Most recently, under Jeanne’s leadership, SmartBear was recognized in 2012 with a prestigious Forrester Groundswell Award for driving sales leads through social media, drastically increasing reach across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Jeanne frequents the speaker circuit, most recently sharing her successful marketing strategies with attendees at American Marketing Association (AMA) meetings, B2B Marketing Forums, Social Media Today, Inbound Conferences, virtual partners MassTLC and Marketo events and others. In April, she will be presenting, “Feeding the Lion: Evaluating Lead Gen Strategies for Hungry Sales Teams” at the Conversion Conference in San Francisco.

Jeanne is always eager to promote her marketing team’s accomplishments. In February, she was invited to speak at the MassTLC Marketing Summit 2013 in Cambridge, MA. Jeanne and her SmartBear marketing team detailed the seven metrics every marketer needs to look at and understand to demonstrate and improve ROI. While there were many marketing VP’s speaking at the event, Jeanne was the only one among them to have a few of her marketing team members speak along with her. Her efforts in giving her team credit whenever possible does not go unnoticed as revealed in this note to her from a team member at SmartBear:

“Jeanne - Thanks for the opportunity to speak today. The ‘who's who’ of marketing leadership (CMOs, VPs) was present today and had speaking spots, but you were the only one who promoted your team! That was really awesome - THANK YOU! I cannot say it enough."

Jeanne has successfully contributed to a combination of marketing, sales and sales lead management efforts over the years, but her tremendously positive impact on SmartBear’s recent success is the key reason why she should be named to SLMA’s Women to Watch.

Authorship (articles or books):

Jeanne is co-author of the book Go Mobile - 

Also, as a strong advocate and active user of social media, she is always tweeting marketing tips and tricks for her followers: https://twitter.com/jeannehopkins.

Jeanne is nominated by Christine Snyder


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