2013 Winner: Janet Lee, Lattice Engines
2013 Winner: Jeanne Hopkins, SmartBear Software

2013 Winner: Janelle Johnson, Act-On

JanelleJohnson_1148794Company: Act-On

Years in Business: 16

Nominee's Achievements:

Janelle is an ‘A player’ who is consistently on top of her game, executing highly successful multi-channel campaigns that
generate thousands of new leads a month and drive impactful
revenue for Act-On’s bottom line.

Nominee's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management:

  • In the past year, Janelle has grown the Act-On database by over 300%
  • Increased the number of Act-On leads by 200%+ over the last year, while increasing conversion rates at the same time 
  • Creating highly actionable, dynamic and results oriented marketing campaigns for Act-On that drive millions in pipeline contribution a year
  • Janelle was also consistently ranked in the “Highest 25%” of top performing Cisco employees 
  • Led Cisco WebEx 'Commercial Top 100' campaign, which contributed $16 million in bookings and an additional $6 million in pipeline
  • Key team member of the 'Commercial Senior Sales Leadership team,” participating in planning sessions, forecast calls, and several key initiative task forces 
  • Rolled out and supported 'Save to Invest' field marketing program, which contributed to over $3 million in pipeline for the commercial sales team

Professional Boards:

- Women Unlimited, TEAM Program
- April 2011 Graduate

Charitable Boards:

Girl Scouts of America Co-Leader, Walk Now for Autism Speaks



Janelle is nomined by Paige Musto