2013 Winner: Devon McDonald, OpenView Venture Partners
2013 Winner: Janelle Johnson, Act-On

2013 Winner: Janet Lee, Lattice Engines

Janet-leeCompany: Lattice Engines

Brief Description of Nominee's Achievements:

Janet Lee, Vice President of Products, is the force behind Lattice’ groundbreaking Big Data for Sales and Marketing technology. Responsible for the product roadmap and development of salesPRISM, Lattice’s Big Data analytics platform, she is an expert on the use of technology to help sales and marketing predict the previously unpredictable: buyer intent.

Founded in 2006 initially as a sales effectiveness consultancy, Lattice’s mission is to help sales people sell better. For a long time business leaders believed that high touch or relationship-based sales are impossible to predict. Big Data changes that. Companies and individuals are spewing out massive amounts of information about themselves on the web and in social media.
Lattice helps companies capitalize on this wealth of information by injecting information science into relationship selling. High powered analytics allow reps to extract insights from massive amounts of data. It not only helps reps find a way to manage information, but also to gain meaning or insight from it so they can predict the right customer to sell to at the right time with the right message.

Janet’s technical expertise combined with her knowledge of the needs of sales and marketing professionals is delivering measurable success. Fortune 5000 businesses around the world including ADP, Dell, EMC and SunTrust rely on Lattice to generate 75 percent more pipeline, triple conversion rates, and double win rates.

Nominee's Achievements In Sales Lead Management:

  • Led team to design, develop and deploy Lattice’s award-winning Big Data for sales and marketing platform
  • Foresaw the potential of Big Data to deliver unprecedented levels of insight to sales and marketing professionals and helped design a technology platform to capitalize on it
  • Helped Fortune 500 companies discover tremendous growth in their businesses by generating insight from internal and external data
  • The sales and marketing technology she developed has won numerous accolades. In the past six months alone:
    • Stevie Award for Best Sales Automation solution – Gold
    • Stevie Award for Best BI solution new version
    • 2013 SIIA Content CODiE Award for Best Lead Generation Solution
    • 2012 CRM Rising Star by CRM magazine
    • 2012 American Business Awards Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year Finalist
Janet is nominated by Erin O'Keeffe