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February 25, 2014

2014 Nominee: Carrie Suprenant

Company: PointClear

Years in Business: 15

Nominee's Achievements:

Carrie Surprenant has spent her 15-year+ career in sales lead management. She’s adept at applying database management, technology and operational skills to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of lead generation, qualification and nurturing. She’s been an early adopter of technologies that automate sales and marketing processes, including CRM, SEO, marketing automation, and social media. And she’s known for her work applying best practices for the benefit of co-workers and clients.

In her role as senior vice president of marketing and technology strategy at PointClear, Carrie plays a vital role in the publication of thought leadership materials, including the sales lead management blog ViewPoint; video interview series PowerViews and frequently published ebooks. Carrie is also responsible for the company’s operational technology—from decision-making to execution.

Carrie worked with software providers Broadbase and Servicesoft before moving to Atlanta to join PointClear in 2001. Previously she worked for Verizon Wireless, TECHMAR and Harte-Hanks. She is active in industry events and organizations.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

  • Carrie has more than 15 years experience enabling effective sales lead management, with expertise in identifying new best practices and applying them for the benefit the clients she serves.
  • She’s risen through the ranks with her current employer, Atlanta-based prospect development firm PointClear. She joined the company in 2001 as operations manager and now serves as senior vice president of marketing and technology strategy.
  •  In her current role, she’s responsible for all marketing programs, including branding, public relations, publicity, digital media, direct marketing and content management.
    • She plays a vital role in the publication of thought leadership materials on behalf of PointClear, including the video interview series PowerViews. More than 43 video interview segments have been produced featuring industry leaders such as Koka Sexton, Ardath Albee, Ruth Stevens, Jill Rowley and Lori Richardson.
    • Carrie’s understanding of the importance of content to the sales lead management process—along with her marketing expertise and operational/technology savvy—has enabled a mid-sized company to be a prolific publisher of valuable information that contributes not only to the success of PointClear, but to the industry’s advancement.
  • Carrie is responsible for PointClear’s operational technology. She’s the primary visionary and person in charge of execution. From marketing automation, to virtualizing the server environment; from enabling a remote workforce, to search engine optimization; from leveraging hosted IT services, to social media management, Carrie keeps her finger on the pulse of technology trends and best practices that help PointClear meet and exceed client needs.
  • She has been an early adopter over the past 15 years of technologies that make the sales process more efficient, such as database and reporting systems, sales force automation and customer relationship management solutions. These technologies empower the sales team and make them more productive, and instill accountability throughout the sales process.
    • Carrie is responsible for PinPoint™, PointClear's proprietary prospect development application that allows for the precise targeting of decision makers in more than 10,000 North American companies. When she joined the company more than a decade ago she set out to automate paper-based, manual processes. Within two months PointClear associates and management were able to rapidly access meaningful information needed for optimal performance, and conduct the analysis needed to keep sales lead management programs on track.
  • Carrie has embraced marketing innovations ahead of the curve, including:
    • Search Engine Optimization. Carrie anticipated the benefit of incorporating technology that would enable more effective organic searches—and drive more prospects to PointClear. Upon implementation, the following results were achieved.
      • Visits from organic search up 644.81%
      • Total website visitors up 234.53%
      • Unique website visitors up 261.53%
    • Email Marketing. Under Carrie’s leadership, PointClear has leveraged the benefits of email technology since it was introduced in the early 2000s to generate leads, qualify leads and nurture prospects—both for PointClear and on behalf of clients. Carrie and her team have executed more than 50 campaigns in the past 3 years—including those benefiting professional and charitable organizations.
    •  Marketing Automation. The importance of inbound marketing to complement PointClear’s outbound focus was recognized by Carrie upon the advent of the concept—and the technology—approximately 5 years ago. She set out to gain thorough understanding of inbound’s success factors—including the principles of scoring website visitors.
    • Social Media. Carrie was early in recognizing the impact of social media on business. Under her leadership, the firm was among the first to leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and a myriad of other social media to attract prospects—and develop them through the sales cycle.
    • Blog. Carrie facilitated the company’s involvement in blogging about sales lead management. She created ViewPoint, the company’s blog, and manages the schedule and writers, including guest bloggers. In addition, she continually solicits guest blog opportunities for PointClear executives in an effort to promote best practices in prospect development.
    • Video. Carrie was instrumental in PointClear’s foray into internet TV. The company conducts monthly interviews with industry influencers as part of a series called PowerViews. This cost-efficient and highly effective sales lead management effort was made possible in part because of Carrie’s ability to manage the video, audio, editing and hosting technology needed to make this initiative a reality.
  • Carrie is a lifelong learner, driven to stay up on current marketing, technology and operational trends that help PointClear better manage its sales leads; and in turn, help the company better serve its clients. She attends seminars (i.e. Atlanta HubSpot user group); attends events (i.e. annual Pardot user conference); is a member of LinkedIn groups (i.e. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Network). She is a veracious reader of articles, blogs and other thought leadership; and frequently participates in industry webinars. She recently earned a MECLABS Value Proposition professional certification.
  •  Carrie’s early experience positions her well for her current role. She started her career in response management, gaining the frontline experience and understanding of the telesales role that has helped her effectively implement the strategies to support that role.
  • Carrie has experience on the receiving end of PointClear services. Carrie worked with clients Broadbase and ServiceSoft before moving to Atlanta in 2001 to join PointClear. Previously she worked for Verizon Wireless, TECHMAR and Harte-Hanks. Early on she showed a propensity for enabling the sales lead management process.

Professional Boards:

  • Carrie is active in professional organizations that give her the opportunity to network, learn, teach and inspire other business professionals and industry peers, including TAG (Technology Association of Georgia); and TAG Educational Collaborative (TAG-Ed).
  • She has been a member of the HubSpot Users Group since its inception in 2010. She attends both national and local meetings, and partakes of webinars and other resources that keep her abreast of the benefits of inbound marketing for PointClear and its clients.

Charitable Boards:
Carrie is active with PointClear’s corporate philanthropic efforts, playing a key role in organizing and managing community service events and programs that have benefited the Partnership Against Domestic Violence, the Foster Children’s Foundation and victims of Hurricane Sandy.

PointClear’s executive team works to involve all employees—and neighbors—in its fundraising efforts. Those who work for other companies within PointClear’s building are invited to participate in Pizza Day, the 12 Days of Cookies, and the Backpack Drive. Local firefighters are also included in the events.

Authorship (articles or books):

Carrie has been a key contributor to numerous newsletters, videos, case studies, white papers, press releases and articles published by, about and on behalf of PointClear, not just on a content basis, but from the standpoint of project management, production, and distribution, including:

Video Series:
PowerViews and PowerMinutes
Carrie produces two video series’: PowerViews uses an interview format and features industry leaders discussing trends, best practices and current sales lead management approaches. PowerMinutes are short segments highlighting tips and tricks that power up prospect development efforts.

Sample PowerViews: http://blog.pointclear.com/blog/bid/204784/PowerViews-with-Ruth-Stevens-The-Science-not-the-art-of-Marketing

Sample PowerMinute:  http://blog.pointclear.com/blog/bid/172629/How-to-Double-Your-Marketing-Sales-ROI

First Friday Report
A monthly e-newsletter that contains original articles designed to help sales and marketing executives improve lead management processes from start to finish. Subscribers gain insight into trends and topics that help boost an organization's revenue.

White Paper:
Point C: From Chaos to Kickass
A comprehensive white paper that asks the question: Are your organization’s sales and marketing behaviors, practices and processes reliably and sustainably producing the outcomes you need? Then answers it with ways to achieve a fully optimized state of prospect development and close significantly more deals.

Case Study:
Address Lead Generation Pains in the Healthcare Industry
PointClear’s knowledge of changing healthcare laws, regulations, compliance requirements and patient safety concerns translate to more and better sales opportunities for clients with solutions for hospitals and physician practices. Find out why these companies are increasingly turning to PointClear for outsourced lead generation.

The Truth About Leads
This book, written by Dan McDade, is a practical, easy-to-read guide revealing little-known secrets that help focus B2B lead-generation efforts, align sales and marketing organizations and drive revenue.

A Sample of Recent Press Releases:
January 30, 2014
PointClear Relocates to Johns Creek to Accommodate Growth & Attract Top Talent
 New Location Provides Easy Access to Retail, Restaurants and Fitness for Associates

December 19, 2013
Top Sales World Awards PointClear's Trans4mers Video a Silver Medal
Multi-Touch Prospecting Campaigns Video Takes Prize
December 12, 2013
Two PointClear Execs, Two PointClear Alums Named "Most Influential" in 2013
Dan McDade and Karla Blalock Again Make Top 50 SLMA List
September 11, 2013
ViewPoint Endorsed by HubSpot and Top Sales World as a Top Sales Blog
ViewPoint | The Truth About Lead Generation Recognized on Two Trustworthy Blog Lists as Best-in-Class.
July 9, 2013
PointClear's Dan McDade Named to Inaugural SLMA College of Fellows
Prospect Development Firm CEO Honored for Sales Management Leadership
April 8, 2013
PointClear Delivers $2 Million in Sales Opportunities to JouleX
Energy Management Solutions Provider Benefits from 9% Lead Rate


Carrie is nominated by Elizabeth Fairleigh


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