2014 Nominee: Hila Nir, ZoomInfo
2014 Nominee: Lori Richardson, Score More Sales

2014 Nominee: Tamara Schenk, Miller Heiman Research Institute

Company: Miller Heiman Research Institute

Years in Business: 20

Nominee's Achievements:

My nominee, Tamara Shenck is a creative, innovative, passionate and forward-thinking Executive who pioneered the GoToCustomer selling system—an initiative that drove transformation to sales organizations while increasing profitability and growth. Her ability to design successful sales enablement initiatives with thoughtful, but simple, and clearly defined strategies is coupled with a passion for delivering “what’s next” and improving “what’s now”. She's an effective communicator who bridges the gap between business strategy and sales execution with ability to engage sales teams and execute transformation. As a global leader, Tamara has more than 20 years of consistent career advancement and accomplishment—thriving on challenge and  known as an innovator, change driver, and IT Sales Enablement evangelist.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

  • GoToCustomer selling systems that bridge the strategy-execution gap — cross-functional outside-in account definition and potential based account segmentation with tailored growth strategies increased transparency, simplicity and effectiveness and equipped sales teams to identify additional growth potential and to create additional value for customers.
  • Elevated sales and new business by developing and implementing a GoToCustomer Account Management Framework—initiative increased sales productivity and performance and created additional new business within existing accounts
  • Accomplished Blogger and Speaker—recognized blogger, speaker and thought leader with the Global Sales and Sales Enablement community; regular contributor to and Subject Matter Expert for TopSalesWorld
  • Expertise in designing and implementing sales force enablement strategies and services that are designed along the customer’s journey with clearly defined sales milestones providing sales people and sales managers relevant sales content, trainings and coaching maps to increase and to scale sales productivity and to deliver on growth targets

Authorship (articles or books):

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamaraschenk
LinkedIn: https://de.linkedin.com/in/tamaraschenk
Miller Heiman Blog: https://www.millerheiman.com/blog/Miller-Heiman-Blog/
Sales Enablement Perspectives Blog: https://blog.tamaraschenk.com/

Tamara is nominated by Nancy Nardin