2014 Winner: Mari Ann Vanella, The Vanella Group
2014 Winner: Laura Patterson VisionEdge Marketing, Inc.

2014 Winner: Beki Scarbrough, CA Technologies


Company: CA Technologies  Beki scarbrough

Nominee's Achievements:

Beki Scarbrough is Sr. Director of Marketing Automation and Analytics at CA Technologies. Her team is responsible for all aspects of demand generation technology and tools, lead process, funnel and pipeline measurement and training to help teams think differently about the way sales and marketing communicate with their customers and prospects. Prior to her role at CA, Beki held similar global field and marketing operations leadership roles with Infor and McAfee. She was instrumental in transforming demand generation practices in several organizations, working closely with sales and marketing to transform them into one cohesive team to meet and exceed revenue objectives.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

Ever rolled out a global marketing automation implementation in less than one quarter? I don't recommend it, but yeah, Beki did that. Her efforts resulted in 6X the sales-ready leads, with almost twice as much pipeline tracked back to marketing. The close alignment she implemented with sales - in the first year - empowered their sales and marketing organizations to work smarter, sell faster and have fun doing it. Not too bad for a really big tech company and a pretty small demand gen team.

  • Replaced Aprimo with Marketo across all parts of the globe, and business segments in 62 days from first login to up and running.
  • New lead process - check!
  • New marketing automation team trained and now rock star power user level - check!
  • Rethinking the way this company generates demand - you bet!
  • Recently, Beki was a member of the first team to be awarded CA’s I2S (Innovation 2 Success) Award for campaign architecture and design, selected by the CEO for impact to the company in terms of speed, execution and innovation. She launched a multi-channel campaign for their first ever freemium offering, and integrated Marketo into the product for full end-to-end lifecycle management.
  • Beki’s role is to help change the focus from activity-based marketing to revenue marketing. She helps sales and marketing teams completely change the way they approach planning, execution and analysis so that its impact on revenue is what matters, not the number of leads attained. She takes an inward-out approach to this change, knowing that a wave starts with one ripple.
  • At CA, she led the team that implemented Marketo in 62 days – fully integrated and operational in all four geographies. This group of 8 had been supporting marketing in Aprimo, creating and “blasting” the company’s emails.  Beki quickly trained and changed their mindset on their role, from a group of “doers” to a group of “leaders” immersing them in the latest in demand gen practices to drive better qualified leads and enable sales to meet revenue obectives.
  • After only 10 months, their sales teams have received 6 times the sales-ready leads. Even more importantly, conversion rates are above industry best practice, near 80% conversion to opportunity. All this has led to a 3X increase in marketing-sourced pipeline and growing.  Beki now has more than 4000 programs contributing to the bottom line, not just the top of the funnel.

Becky is nominated by Debbie Qaqish