2014 Winner: Genie Parker, VanillaSoft
2014 Winner: Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools

2014 Winner: Hila Nir, ZoomInfo

Hila-nir-photoCompany: ZoomInfo

Years in Business: 13

Nominee's Achievements:

As the Vice President of Marketing, Hila Nir oversees ZoomInfo’s marketing efforts in helping to bring innovative products to market. Her extensive business and accounting background empowered her to concentrate heavily on analytics and metrics when evaluating various marketing channels and subsequently improving them based on verifiable metrics. This has had a profound impact on ZoomInfo’s revenue growth and bottom line.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

Hila has led the initiative to run marketing campaigns based on direct success metrics and adjusted campaigns that were not reaching the required goals. This helped enhance the strategy resulting in highly successful campaigns. As a result, over the past year, Hila has grown marketing generated leads by over 50% of closed new business without increasing spend. In addition, the number of leads grew an astonishing 775% in just one year. Further, there was an increase in the value of business closed from leads by 268%.

Under Hila’s direction, ZoomInfo launched an updated corporate website to increase SEO and drive leads. Unique website traffic grew from 2 million per month to almost 11 million per month.  The strategic call-to-action placement materialized in a sharp increase in qualified leads from 800 per month to over 7,000 per month leveraging existing assists. As website traffic grew, ZoomInfo was able to grow users of their free tool, Community Edition, from 2,500 to over 170,000 users (potential prospects for the paid product).  ZoomInfo relies on the Community contributors to help ensure the accuracy of some of their sellable records, therefore helping the product become a better tool.

  • In the past year, under Hila’s leadership, over 50% of sales generated leads have come from Marketing.
  • Grew website traffic by over 450%.
  • Grew number of leads by 775%, which helped maintain a 33% year over year growth for the company.
  • Winner of the Stevie awards- Demand Generation Program of the Year.

Professional Boards:

  • Hila served in the Israeli military.
  • Hila was a member of the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

Authorship (articles or books):