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February 26, 2015

2015 Nominee: Elle Woulfe - Lattice Engines


Nominee's Company: Lattice Engines

Years in the business: 15

Nominee's Achievements:

Elle is a revenue-focused marketer in charge of driving and accelerating qualified demand at various stages of the revenue Flannel. She came to Lattice Engines less than two years ago, and in that time, Elle has completely revitalized the company’s approach to digital marketing and demand generation. For example, due to new processes and programs that she put in place, Elle has helped increase marketing-sourced leads and revenue by more than 50 percent. She’s also identified opportunities to cut expenditures, such as decreasing customer acquisition costs by more than 25 percent.

Upon joining Lattice Engines, Elle suggested revisiting the company website after noticing that it wasn’t helping with lead gen. Over a six month period, she redesigned and re-launched the entire website, which helped to improve customer experience and increase web conversation rates by 20 percent.

Elle is an invaluable member of the Lattice Engines team – and a true leader in her field. With expertise in everything from multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaigns to lead management processes, Elle takes a holistic approach to accelerating qualified demand, and as the numbers prove, she’s been essential to driving increased revenue and growth for the company at large.

Nominee's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management:

Redefined Lattice Engine’s demand Flannel and instituted new lead management processes -Developed sophisticated, role based lead nurturing tracks that source roughly 40% of the MQLs passed to sales -Created a new thought leadership platforms that helped to dramatically increase Lattice’s presence at industry events through speaking opportunities -Decreased cost per qualified lead by more than 40% -Increased qualified demand by more than 350% in only 18 months -Deployed Lattice Predictive Lead Scoring, which added 27% more qualified leads to the Flannel -Led award-winning MKTGnerd campaign, which was used to launch Lattice Engine’s Predictive Lead Scoring application and helped to drive more than 50 qualified opportunities and bring in $500K in the pipeline


  • A Sneak Peek into the Secret Sauce of Marketing Technology (http://www.lattice-engines.com/blog/sneak-peek-secret-sauce-marketing-technology)
  • The Predictive Qualified Lead: Using Predictive Scoring to Find New MQLs (http://www.lattice-engines.com/blog/predictive-qualified-lead-using-predictive-scoring-find-new-mqls)
  • A Work in Progress with the Demand Waterfall: Getting to Holistic Flannel Analysis (http://www.lattice-engines.com/blog/demand-waterfall-work-in-progress)
  • Past Articles:
    • LeanIn.org (http://leanin.org/stories/elle-woulfe/)
    • AdAge.com (http://adage.com/article/btob/flavors-lead-nurturing-cap-summer/282070/)

Interviews and Appearances:

  • Interview with Demand Gen Report, “B2B Marketers Focus On Content Metrics To Enhance Segmentation, Lead Quality” (http://www.demandgenreport.com/industry-topics/demand-generation-strategies/3098-b2b-marketers-focus-on-content-metrics-to-enhance-segmentation-lead-quality.html#.VO9VaPnF-Pt)
  • Interview with Demand Gen Report, “Strategy & Planning Series Preview: The Move Toward More Predictive Marketing” (http://www.demandgenreport.com/industry-topics/industry-news/2986-strategy-a-planning-series-preview-the-move-toward-more-predictive-marketing.html#.VO9VbvnF-Pt)
  • Webinar for Demand Gen Report, “Adding Predictive Marketing To Your Mix In 2015” (http://www.demandgenreport.com/industry-resources/web-seminars/2977--adding-predictive-marketing-to-your-mix-in-2015.html#.VO9Vb_nF-Pt)
  • Presenter at Content2Conversion: Optimizing Every Stage of the Flannel with Predictive Scoring (pg. 3 http://content2conversion.com/agenda/)
  • Presenter at Hubspot INBOUND: Optimizing Engagement with Persona Based Marketing (http://www.slideshare.net/lemarketing/inbound2014-e-woulfepersonapresentation)
  • Speaker for MarketingProfs, “The Business Case for Predictive Lead Scoring” (http://www.marketingprofs.com/marketing/online-seminars/805)
  • Speaker for Marketing Operations Executive Summit, “No Time to Crawl: Building a World Class Demand Gen Machine in Six Months” (http://marcom.com/time-crawl-building-world-class-demand-gen-machine-six-months/)
  • Speaker for FutureM 2013, “Fast, Cheap or Great? Killer Content Marketing + Short Time and Money” (http://futurem2013.sched.org/speaker/ellewoulfevpofmarketingbackupify#.VO9XgvnF-Pt)
  • BrightTALK, “Unlock the Power of Predictive Lead Scoring” (https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/12311/142359)

Elle is nominated by Bridget Nolan


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