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2015 Nominee: Heather Volk - Act-On Software


Nominee's Company: Act-On Software

Years in Business: 15+

Nominee's Achievements:

In her tenure as Act-On's Director of Sales Development, Heather has proven instrumental in shaping and supporting the company’s expansive, fast-growing sales organization. She has excelled as a team leader and team player both, leveraging her considerable expertise in inside sales, lead management, and sales operations (more than a decade’s worth) to set and execute on strategic corporate objectives, and consistently advance the company’s bottom line quarter to quarter. More crucially, she has demonstrated a talent for building sales development teams from concept to full-fledged organizations -- seeing Act-On’s own sales development team through from its infancy to its current iteration, now spanning five of the company’s nine offices worldwide.

Nominee's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management:

Over the course of her 15+ year career, Heather has held positions at all levels of sales operations, from quota carrying to sales management, and has gained in the process invaluable insight into sales’ many moving parts. Not only has she built thriving sales development teams for at least three different companies previously (two at the Fortune 500 level), she has also coached and mentored hundreds of junior sales representatives, shepherding them into account manager and sales management positions.

As a sales development manager for WebEx, Heather oversaw a global team of telesales representatives driving revenue via phone and chat, and kept constant watch for opportunities to improve performance -- ultimately developing a chat strategy using the LivePerson platform that increased qualified leads by 96%, and conversions by 53%.

She has only continued this commitment to sales excellence in her position at Act-On. Since coming aboard in 2011, Heather has worked night and day to build out the sales development arm from just a small team of five to a sprawling current body 40 representatives strong. In the past three years, she has been personally responsible for 82 sales development hires globally, 36 of whom have been promoted internally to new positions (to date). Finally, she has seen the company’s conversion rates double in the last two years -- hitting a rate of 75 percent, well above the industry standard -- and has ensured that sales development contributes $26M in total revenue the last three years running.


 eBook: Act-On's internal lead management coursebook

Heather is nominated by Kelly Ferguson