2015 Nominee: Mari Anne Vanella, The Vanella Group
2015 Nominee: Maria Pergolino - Apttus

2015 Nominee: Janelle Johnson - Act-On Software


Nominee's Company: Act-On Software

Years in Business: 18

Nominee's Achievements:

As Director of Demand Generation, Janelle has played a critical part in continuing the company’s rapid growth – rising to meet ever-increasing lead and revenue goals and ultimately driving millions in pipeline contributions quarterly. Janelle is an ‘A player’ who is consistently on top of her game, executing highly successful multi-channel campaigns that generate thousands of new leads a month and drive impactful revenue for Act-On’s bottom line via dynamic, highly actionable, and results-oriented marketing campaigns.

Janelle has the aptitude of both a scientist and a marketer, knowing how to leverage big data to test, refine and optimize ongoing marketing campaigns. She is the epitome of a modern marketer, using the latest marketing technologies to build sophisticated automated programs, generate, qualify and nurture more leads, and ultimately prove marketing’s value to the bottom-line.

Nominee's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management:

  • At Act-On, in the last year alone, Janelle has:
    • Generated up to 80% of the company’s overall revenue through marketing-qualified leads. 
    • Built sophisticated lead funnel programs and content to model buyer personas at each stage of the buyers journey – architecting top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel programs that effectively move leads down the funnel more effectively, resulting in a shorter lead to sale time.
    • Built high-impact demand gen team, including training and mentoring next generation of marketers.
  • Janelle is also a coach and mentor to countless professionals new to marketing automation and demand generation. She has spoken at conferences, led coaching sessions, and presided over numerous webinars, imparting in the process key knowledge and best practices to hundreds of marketers worldwide. 
  • In her previous role, Janelle was consistently ranked in the “Highest 25%” of top performing Cisco employees 
  • At Cisco she led the WebEx 'Commercial Top 100' campaign, which contributed $16 million in bookings and an additional $6 million in pipeline
  • Was a key team member of the 'Commercial Senior Sales Leadership team,” participating in planning sessions, forecast calls, and several key initiative task forces 
  • At Cisco she rolled out and supported 'Save to Invest' field marketing program, which contributed to over $3 million in pipeline for the commercial sales team.

Professional Boards:

Women Unlimited, TEAM Program (April 2011 Graduate)


Interviews or appearances: