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February 24, 2015

2015 Nominee: Lany Sullivan - Reach, Connect, Uplift Women


Years in the industry: 15

Nominee's Website. 
Reach, Connect, Uplift Women

Nominee's Achievements:

A multi-talented entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, Lany Sullivan’s passion is building, training, and shaping sales teams to achieve the company’s goals, both in developing team objectives and inspired marketing. Lany has spent years in the trenches building successful sales teams,navigating a diverse range of individuals both in managerial and sales roles.

Lany thrives on taking her appreciable skills, enthusiasm, and creativity directly to the businesses and professionals who can most benefit from them. She is a teacher, a coach, a consultant, community leader, creator, promoter, and goal achiever.

Nominee's Achievements in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

  • Has built and continues to manage an online networking community to reach, connect and uplift women
  • She has a mission of promoting the great things women do. She does this DAILY through promoting their online initiatives, through interviews, blog posts to highlight their professional talents and invite people to connect to them.
  • Lany is a champion of building up women (and men) everywhere down to her toes. She does this through phone calls to check in, setting up great matches for connections, interviews and resources focusing on women first.
  • Lany reminds the people in her communities to be proud of their achievements and willingness to learn, fall down and get back up. Through these practices she has instilled the confidence in MANY women and men to encourage them to take their businesses to the next level.
  • With these skills she teaches clients and community members, collaborators how to best engage with their audience, potential clients and to create their own brand evangelists along the way.
  • Through coaching and consulting, she assists her clients in building their circles, connections, follows and a great list of clients by teaching them how to COMMUNICATE before asking for the order, being of value by providing education and support to those connections.

Professional Boards:

Founder and Moderator for Reach, Connect, Uplift Women  and all related venues

Charitable Boards:

Not on a board, but willingly gives of her volunteer time mentoring women as they build their businesses or make lateral changes.




Interviews and Appearances: 

Too many to list them all, but here is one playlist.


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