2015 Nominee: Trish Lessard, Media Junction
2015 Winners Announced

2015 Nominee: Deborah Plasencia, Direct Marketing Partners


Nominee's Company: Direct Marketing Partners

Years in business: 20

Nominee's Achievements:

Deborah has run hundreds of successful direct marketing campaigns.  She is a source of information and inspiration to clients and colleagues. She creates success (and wealth) for clients.

Nominee's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management:

Deborah is a wealth of information to both clients and colleagues. She is a consummate professional who has developed incredibly strong relationships with clients over the past twenty years because of her in-depth knowledge of marketing and lead management and willingness to always go the extra step to make campaigns successful. Deborah has pioneered metrics based reporting and has helped many people to shine in the field of Sales Lead Management from behind the scenes.

Deborah is nominated by Debra da Costa