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2015 Winner: Marilyn Cox - Oracle Marketing Cloud


Winner's Company: Oracle Marketing Cloud

Winner's Achievements:

Marilyn has long been an innovator in combining lead management processes and technology, which has led to deeper and more meaningful customer engagement and revenue generation for companies she works with. She is currently Oracle's Marketing Principal for Industry Center of Excellence. Prior to Oracle, Marilyn ran demand generation for Cincom Systems. I have long been impressed with how Marilyn looks at the customer lifecycle process both strategically, and tactically. She has tremendous credibility and she definitely a doer and not just one who speaks at events. Marilyn understands how B2B customers discover solutions and engage from Marketing, to Sales, and into Customer Advocacy. And most critically she know hows to measure marketing and sales results in meaningful ways. Taking this further, she has led how Oracle provides modern marketing guidance for vertical industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. These are incredibly complex industries but thanks to Marilyn's efforts Oracle Marketing Cloud is helping these organizations develop new modern marketing practices. She also shares sales and marketing thought leadership on her blog Business is Child's Play: http://businessischildsplay.com/

Winner’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

Marilyn has innovated new sales and lead management processes for several years both in practice and through Oracle's Marketing Cloud organization. Modern Marketers throughout North America have benefited from her knowledge and expertise.  Marilyn has deep technical knowledge on marketing automation and CRM platforms and using them to implement complex lead management business processes. Marilyn is also an expert in sales enablement processes and understands how to bridge the gap between sales and marketing organizations for optimized revenue generation.  To quote Marilyn, "I exist to empower sales and support the customer."

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Marilyn Cox was nominated by Brian Hansford