2015 Winners Announced
2015 Winner: Bonnie Crater - Full Circle CRM

2015 Winner: Trish Bertuzzi - The Bridge Group


Winner's Company: The Bridge Group

Years in Business: 20+

Winner's Achievements: 

Trish has been an innovative thought leader in the sales and marketing arena for countless years. She is heavily involved in the lively Boston marketing and sales community, as well as the elite Sales SheBang group. As founder of the Bridge Group, Trish has helped over 200 leading B2B technology companies establish world-class Inside Sales teams. Trish works to build, expand and optimize pipeline, generate revenue and redefine the sales profession for her clients.

In addition, Trish runs hands-on workshops for her clients and speaks at industry events to help educate and transform sales professionals to optimize their revenue potential and create efficiencies through technology and processes with insights gained from research conducted by The Bridge Group.

Winner's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management:

Trish has developed and implemented innovative sales and marketing processes for her customers that transform the ways in which they drive business. Through her practical experience, deep technical knowledge and ongoing research,Trish achieves dramatic results for her clients with increased revenues via optimized sales teams.

Trish stand out as a leader is in sales lead management because of her commitment to excellence in her work. She is an inspirational leader, consistently helping her team and clients to achieve best-in-class results.

Professional Boards:

  • VisibleGains Advisory Board
  • American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Advisory Board
  • Yesware, Inc. Advisory Board
  • Sales SheBang Advisory Board


  • The Fundamentals of LinkedIn
  • Outbound Index
  • State of Sales Management
  • 2012 LeadGen Metrics & Compensation Report
  • Social Selling Tips by Leading Social Selling Thought Leaders
  • How One VP Hired 23 Reps in 100 Days (and Lived)

Interviews or appearances: