Nominee: Karen DeWolfe, interlinkONE
Nominee: Jocelyn King, Intel

Nominee: Anna Fisher, ZoomInfo



Nominee's Achievements:

As Head of Lead Generation at ZoomInfo, Anna Fisher helps the marketing team achieve success in their campaigns. She is directly responsible for brand awareness, lead generation, and lead nurturing strategies. With years of experience in business and marketing, Anna has a strong understanding of how to use data to improve ZoomInfo’s bottom line. on the CFO Leadership Council, and she consistently gets recognized internally at NetSuite for her accomplishments.

Nominee's Achievements in the field of Sales Lead Management, specifically:

Anna Fisher has helped ZoomInfo’s marketing team generate a large number of leads through their targeted webinar and conference strategy. In fact, there has been a 200% increase in marketing-generated leads. Anna’s team also celebrated a strong end to 2015, with 85% growth in December.

Under Anna’s guidance, ZoomInfo changed their lead routing process, which has significantly increased the number of demos set up. Rather than giving webinar registrants to their inbound qualifying team (IQT), ZoomInfo started routing these leads to their business development representatives (BDRs). IQT primarily speaks with people who have already requested demos. In contrast, BDRs spend their time making cold calls. For this reason, the BDRS appreciated having warmer leads. To further drive results, Anna emphasized that they could use the ZoomInfo platform in their account based strategy. This was a huge time-saver, as they now had the direct dial phone numbers of other contacts at these companies.

In addition, Anna improved ZoomInfo’s tradeshow strategy. With her help, the marketing team began including details about upcoming conferences at the bottom of their email newsletters, while also sending a more targeted email about ZoomInfo’s booth to attendees. And after the conference, the team would follow up with an appropriate piece of content. This led to a 200% increase in marketing-generated leads.

Overall, ZoomInfo has experienced a 46% year-over-year growth, much of which is due to the recent increase in marketing-generated leads.

Professional Boards:

  • Russian Jewish Community Foundation (RJCF)
  • Gala Committee (RJCF)


ZoomInfo blog posts

Interviews or appearances:

• Multiple partnership webinars
• Round table discussions (MarketingSherpa, SiriusDecisions, etc.)
• Presented at Sales 2.0

Anna is nominated by Rachel Martinez, ZoomInfo
Nominee's years in Business: 11