Nominee: Sabrina Schulman, Velocify
Nominee: Mary McCoy, Continuum Managed IT Services

Nominee: Chung Nguyen, Velocify



Nominee's Achievements:

Chung Nguyen has spent the majority of her working career at Salesforce.  She's built partnerships with countless number of SFDC App Exchange Partners and those relationships play a critical driver to the success of our Salesforce Application.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

Chung has had a front row seat for how technology has shaped the field of sales lead management.  She understands that companies need to create an ideal sales stack of marketing + sales automation in order to see optimal results.  By understanding the importance of partners, Chung established key contacts at technology companies in the Salesforce Ecosystem.  Those partnerships have been vital to the success of Velocify Pulse & will continue to fuel the growth of our Salesforce Application.

Chung is nominated by Scott Ankley