Nominee: Sarah Shelnut-Rossborough, ANNUITAS
Nominee: Jeanne Hopkins, Continuum Managed IT Services

Nominee: Janelle Johnson, Act-On Software


Nominee's Achievements:

As Act-On’s Senior Director of Demand Generation, Janelle has played a pivotal part in supporting the company’s rapid growth – rising to meet ever-increasing lead and revenue goals, and ultimately driving millions in pipeline contributions quarterly. She is an A player who has consistently executed successful, multi-channel campaigns that generate thousands of newly leads monthly, and she continues to set new standards of excellence in the dynamic, highly actionable, and results-oriented marketing programs she implements.

Most recently, Janelle has helped expand post-sales marketing efforts as a presenter and participant at Act-On's IHeartMarketing roadshow series – a customer initiative launched in 2015 consisting of one-day, high-touch workshops, in cities with high concentrations of users. At these events, Janelle teaches and mentors customers and prospects in demand gen practices, and works to ensure the company’s marketing, sales, and customer success groups remain tightly aligned.

Janelle today is the epitome of the modern marketer, marshaling the latest marketing technologies to build sophisticated programs, qualify and nurture more leads, and prove marketing’s value to the bottom line. She is equal parts scientist and marketer, knowing how and when to leverage data to test, optimize, and further refine ongoing marketing campaigns.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

Over the past year, Janelle has:

  • Increased overall marketing efficiency and ROI.
  • Generated up to 80% of the company’s overall revenue through marketing-qualified leads.
  • Built sophisticated lead Flannel programs and content to model buyer personas at each stage of the buyers journey – architecting top of Flannel, middle of Flannel and bottom of Flannel programs that effectively move leads down the Flannel more effectively, resulting in a shorter lead to sale time.
  • Expanded her high-impact demand gen team, with new resources for training and mentorship among the next generation of marketers.
  • Shared industry trends, best practices, and growth initiatives with customers and prospects via Act-On’s IHeartMarketing roadshow series.
  • Janelle is also a coach and mentor to countless professionals new to marketing automation and demand generation. She has spoken at conferences, led coaching sessions, and presided over numerous webinars, imparting in the process key knowledge and best practices to hundreds of marketers worldwide.
  • In her previous role, Janelle was consistently ranked in the “Highest 25%” of top performing Cisco employees"

Professional Boards:

Women Unlimited, TEAM Program (April 2011 Graduate)

Authorship (articles or books)

  • Hiring a Marketer: What Skill Set Should You Look For? 
  • Five Ways to Master Your Holiday Email Marketing
  • Is There a Right Time for Email Marketing?
  • The 3 & 5 of Winning Drip Marketing Campaigns
  • 8 Tips for Improving Open Rates for B2B Sales and Marketing Emails
  • 7 Steps to Defining a Marketing-Qualified Lead (MQL)
  • 3 Best Practices for Creating a Lead-Scoring Matrix
  • 6 Tips For Better Email
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment: 3 Ways to Close the Gap
  • 7 Call to Action Strategies: Tips and Advice
  • Drip Marketing 101: Benefits and Best Practices

Interviews or appearances:

  • Podcast: How to turn website visitors into leads!
  • Podcast: Skip Miller and Janelle Johnson Discuss the New Normal of Lead Qualification
  • Webinar: Converting Website Visitors to Sales Opportunities

Janelle has been in the industry for 18 years, and is nominated by Amanda Lennon.