Nominee: Chung Nguyen, Velocify
Nominee: Cyndi Greenglass, Diamond Marketing Solutions

Nominee: Mary McCoy, Continuum Managed IT Services



Nominee's Achievements:

Since joining Continuum Managed Services, Mary (MK) McCoy has been instrumental in building out a blog content and social media program that generates leads for the New Partner Acquisition Team.  Her attention to detail, with a flair for creative, has driven 100s of leads every quarter that highlight the need for outsourced managed IT services.  MK is critical to the brainstorming process on the team, coming up with intriguing research, infographics, photos, videos, podcasts, webinars, slide decks and just about every form of content known, making Continuum's Inbound Marketing efforts the envy of every software firm in Boston!

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

  • Grew blog subscriber list by 110% in 12 months, 420% in two years.
  • Generates in excess of 100 MQLs each quarter (MQL = free trial or demo request)
  • Develops content plan and executes against it for three blogs
  • Writes five blog posts/week
  • Edits 7 blog posts/week
  • Measures everything having to do with content daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly and produces reports that are read!


Mary McCoy has been in this industry for two years. She is nominated by Jeanne Hopkins