Nominee: Amanda Threde, Validar, Inc.
Nominee: Chung Nguyen, Velocify

Nominee: Sabrina Schulman, Velocify



Nominee's Achievements:

For the past year, Sabrina Schulman has been the Product Manager for Velocify Pulse, a feature-rich sales acceleration app for Salesforce.  During her time as Product Manager, Sabrina has led efforts which have introduced over a dozen new features, significantly improved the UX/UI, and created admin/user-friendly product guides.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

  • Oversees Velocify's hottest product, Velocify Pulse.
  • Has introduced over a dozen new features
  • Helped create dynamic leader boards within the product.
  • Number of users have more than doubled during her leadership
  • Led efforts for product enhancements which have streamlined processes and reduced clicks for end-users.
  • Created new user-friendly product guides, accelerating user adoption.
  • Has an infectious positive attitude.

Sabrina is nominated by Davood Dashtiz