Nominee: Katie Martell, Cintell
Nominee: Mari Anne Vanella, The Vanella Group

Nominee: Chanthou Kai Touch,


Nominee's Achievements:

Chanthou graduated from the Marriott School of Business in April of 2015 with her MBA. She chose to emphasize in marketing and strategy. Her experience ranges from telemarketing to consulting for fortune 500 companies. Her focus in sales has driven various companies to increase their sales productivity and effectiveness.

Chanthou enables others to succeed contributing to a 30 percent decrease in turnover and 30 percent increase of promotions within her current business function at Her ability to lead, influence, coach and develop makes a positive impact within ISDC.

Nominee’s Achievement in the Field of Sales Lead Management:

  • Drives business development teams to effectively convert 25K+ lead interactions by developing close alignment with lead generation marketing and sales teams
  • Chanthou holds the highest rates of conversion for leads being converted into qualified opportunities at 50 percent for small business, mid-market, corporate and field level account executives. Her ability to lead her team contributes to employees increase in productivity by 150 percent for setting qualified leads to support sales teams.
  • Optimizes gamification tools to maximize employees potential. Chanthou’s leadership ability identifies employee’s strengths by fostering an open door policy. She successfully applies her critical thinking and problem-solving skills by strategically measuring employee's performance through weighted Key Performance Indicators dependent on business needs, industry trends and market research.
  • Drove Year-Over-Year 15 percent increase of monthly, qualified leads for sales teams.

Professional Boards:

  • Women Tech Council (WTC)
  • Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA)
  • (ISDC)
  •  Girls Code Educational Program (Chanthou is an advocate for the next generation of women to develop, integrate and achieve within the tech industry)
  • Marriott School of Business
  •  Marketing Association (MBAMA)
  • Women In Management (WIM)

Authorship (articles or books):

Works in progress:

  • Article on counterintuitive negotiation
  • Article on gamification optimization