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Andrea Lechner-Becker, Chief Strategy Officer, LeadMD was nominated by Kristin Hege

Andrea Lechner-Becker is the Chief Strategy Officer of LeadMD, a company specializing in marketing automation and CRM consulting services, where she leads her team to guide more than 3,000 companies to marketing success. With a decade of experience managing various CRM and emarketing platforms, Andrea dives head first into cutting-edge technology and revels in finding, testing and optimizing the "next big thing."

Andrea’s approach is to equip her teams with the best people and technology to achieve success. She works with enterprise companies like Comcast, the Weather Company and Forbes because, as an industry expert, she provides knowledge, strategy, training and support they trust and recommend.

Andrea is a Marketo Certified Consultant and Marketo Certified Trainer. Recent successes she’s proud of is her work with Comcast. The company needed to make headway on a Marketo rollout with the goal of implementing email marketing, optimizing marketing efforts and managing and nurturing leads. Because of Andrea’s effective management and expertise, her team’s strategies and deliverables were powerful and far-reaching, enabling Comcast to reach their ambitious goals within six short months.

Much of LeadMD's continued success is a direct result of Andrea's innate ability to understand a client’s needs, consider their goals, and set a roadmap to help them achieve success. She relies upon powerful strategies to help clients bridge the gap between marketing and sales, and further the potency of sales leads.

Because she is always trying to get the best out of herself, not just the company, it trickles down to the team level. In 2016, LeadMD experienced 30% YOY growth and won numerous performance awards which was a direct reflection on Andrea’s participation as part of the leadership team.

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