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Anna Fisher, Director of Marketing, Head of Lead Generation was nominated by Breda O'Connor

As Senior Director of Marketing at ZoomInfo, Anna Fisher helps the marketing team achieve success in their campaigns. She is directly responsible for brand awareness, lead generation, and lead nurturing strategies. With years of experience in business and marketing, Anna has directly contributed to ZoomInfo’s bottom line. Anna has helped ZoomInfo’s marketing team generate a large number of leads through various channels, including targeted webinar, nurture, website and conference strategies. In fact in 2016, 86% of closed won business came from marketing generated leads.

Anna also spearheaded the internal alignment initiative between sales and marketing. Under Anna’s guidance, ZoomInfo changed their lead routing process and established an agreed upon framework for sales and marketing. This helped easily monitor the sales process and follow-up, and significantly improved company visibility, which led to an increase in the number of demos and free trials set up. She also was a key player in revamping the lead scoring system, which has helped sales prioritize their outreach narrowing in on key personas. These are just a few examples of how Anna ignited internal alignment at ZoomInfo and keeps the sales and marketing teams moving forward.

In addition, in September, Anna and her team executed the first ever ZoomInfo Growth Acceleration Summit. The conference drew close to 200 attendees and generated $250K in revenue for the company. With industry-leading speakers and well-known sponsors, the Growth Acceleration will become an annual event where B2B professionals can come together to network, learn and obtain the tools needed to successfully grow and reach new heights.

Overall, ZoomInfo has experienced a 64% year-over-year growth, much of which is due to the increase in marketing-generated leads.

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