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Cari Baldwin, Chief Revenue, Square 2 Marketing is nominated by Mike Lieberman

 Cari Baldwin has created a strong name for herself in the demand generation, revenue acceleration, marketing agency community. Ask anyone from Marketo,, or any of the agencies in that eco-system and they know Cari Baldwin.

Her personal mantra is “treat everyone kindly” and she lives that daily. In addition, she built her demand generation agency, BlueBird Strategies into a respected and successful agency. She merged the agency with Square 2 Marketing in October of 2016 and continues on her personal mission to help B2B companies generate leads and convert those leads into new business revenue.

Many of her clients have been with her since she started her agency and the names include some of the biggest companies in the country like Tele-Pacific and Pitney Bowes. They all respect and appreciate the marketing advice Cari and her team has shared with them.

Cari also has an affinity for the tech space and has made a niche for herself with companies like InsideView, InsightsSquared, OpsPanda and Caprizio. She’s uniquely able to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, helping these fast-growing, dynamic companies to scale, exceed their goals and impress their boards.

Today she leads the sales and marketing effort at Square 2 Marketing and is solely responsible for the company’s revenue generation efforts, inbound marketing and highly efficient sales process. As a member of the Leadership Team at Square 2 Marketing, she introduced the company to account based marketing and the application of technology to support attribution and lead scoring.

In addition to being a recognized speaker and though-leader. Cari is the Chief Instructor of Digital Marketing at Bend-Poly, where she works to create relevant and pragmatic learning to help students gain the experience needed to join the fast growing area of digital marketing.

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