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Carrie Fisher, Integrated Marketing Executive Focused on Revenue at Forcepoint, LLC was nominate by Kirsten Newbold-Knipp

Carrie has over 20 years of demand generation and integrated marketing experience. She consistently exceeds pipeline targets by developing strong collaboration with sales leadership and cross-functional marketing teams to execute, measure, and calibrate marketing plans.

In addition to filling the top of Flannel, she has improved cost per acquisition, time to close, and closed/won conversion rates by implementing targeted sales plays, and other mid-Flannel tactics to help enable sales to close deals.

She currently leads a global marketing team of 38, and a program budget of $14M. The team translates corporate strategy into marketing plans for a diverse portfolio of products, verticals, and geographies.

In FY16, her team achieved 116% of target, generating $315M in qualified opportunities, a 28% increase YOY with a minimal budget increase (~10%).

In addition to all her accomplishments, Carrie is a powerful, funny and positive force - engaging marketers around her to rise to any occasion.

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