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Stefanie Nastou,VP of Global Demand Generation is nominated by Ericka McCoy

Stefanie Nastou is an inspiring leader that has lead our team on a digital transformation journey. She has been a fierce advocate of providing the right digital marketing training to ensure a data driven marketing team that is positioned to always think digital first. Anyone who speaks to Stefanie can see how passionate she is about Martech and the critical role technology plays in a marketers ultimate success. Stefanie has driven marketing innovation through a number of different initiatives, our most successful one being the digital guerrilla marketing innovation award, which outlines specific quarterly challenges for the entire team and encourages marketing innovation and experimentation of new methods and platforms. As a marketing leader, she ensures we are in lock step with sales management by managing a strong account development team that is directly partnered with sales and field marketing.

Stefanie has been instrumental in creating an agile and innovative demand generation culture at OpenText, delivering better and more qualified pipeline performance while utilizing the same amount of resources and reducing program costs. Year over year she continues to inspire her team and raise the bar when it comes to marketing innovation and results.


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