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Genie Parker, Operations at VanillaSoft was nominated by Stacy Jackson

With over 30 years in business, Genie Parker is an accomplished sales and marketing leader and influencer. The breadth of her career experiences, with an emphasis on doing business by phone, reaches into hundreds of industry verticals including technology, non-profits, business services, financial services, and manufacturing.

Genie co-founded Parker, Murray and Associates, a call center that supplied sales and sales leads to small businesses, as well as Fortune 500 companies, in various industries. At Parker Murray, Genie drove the adoption of new lead management technologies before launching VanillaSoft.

Genie is a visionary who identifies the need for specific tools in the emerging inside sales market. She also advocates for the need to adapt queue-based technology to high-end sales.

Genie Parker has played a major role in management of VanillaSoft's operations:

• Built internal accounting system and processes for HR, AR and AP.
• Built internal sales process
• Built support knowledge base
• Oversaw new website development
• Found and built business development relationships
• Played an integral role in developing and building VanillaSoft's Cloud-based, Lead Management Platform

In her current role, Genie oversees marketing strategy, directs marketing communication efforts, and partners with sales to continue increasing VanillaSoft’s brand awareness and market penetration.


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