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Maria Geokezas, Heinz Marketing


Maria Geokezas, Client-centered Marketing Services Professional at Heinz Marketing is nominated by Rebecca Smith

With over 20 years experience in both B2B and B2C, Maria has managed and overseen every step of the customer life cycle and managed numerous multi-channel marketing campaigns. She has successfully implemented membership programs for numerous clients. She has developed and launched omni-channel marketing programs including email campaigns, hi-value direct mail and bridged the gap between marketing and sales teams across the board.

Her integrative approach and collaborative style delivers quantifiable results in cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value and marketing ROI. She's truly a 'math marketer and sales pipeline person'. Her dedication to providing quantifiable results is what keeps clients coming back for more.

And, in addition Maria works hard each and every day to always do what’s best for the client. That path might be full of obstacles and pitfalls, but Maria always does her best to go above and beyond what’s asked of her to deliver excellent results. She inspires those who work with her to work harder and be better, and she is a boss who has unwavering support of her teammates.

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