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T. Melissa Madian, Principal at TMM Enablement Services is nominated by Melanie Barrett

Melissa Madian has been at the forefront of the sales enablement space in the SaaS industry, significantly shaping sales enablement to what we know it as today. Her brightest achievement was building the sales enablement function from scratch at one of Canada's most successful startups, Eloqua.

At Eloqua, Melissa implemented The Challenger Sale methodology across the entire sales team, which significantly impacted Eloqua's position in the marketing automation space, pushing the sales team to outperform all other players in the market. Eloqua's continued success led to its acquisition by one of the largest technology companies in the world, Oracle.

Moving on to rebuild the Sales Enablement function at Vision Critical, Melissa's persistence and keen eye for structure led to a significant increase in the average annual contract value of software deals, as well as significantly shorter sales cycle lengths. She grew her team to expand from sales enablement to a new function, Customer Experience Enablement; which provided all revenue-generating functions the training, tools, and process to ensure continued success.

Her knack for identifying opportunities for continuous improvement, coupled with her infectious energy make her a great candidate for the 20 Women Leaders to Watch in Business in 2017 Award.

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