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Cari Baldwin, Chief Advocacy Officer at Square 2 Marketing is nominated by Mike Lieberman

Years in business: 30

Cari Baldwin continues to blaze new trails when it comes to marketing, sales and revenue growth. In her current role as Chief Advocacy Officer for Square 2 Marketing, she single handedly built our own advocacy marketing program and runs our own account based marketing initiative as well.

Cari is a recognized expert nationally on the topics of
ABM, demand generation, the tech stack required to drive revenue, marketing as SaaS based comanies and she's especially effective at guiding start up, high growth companies in the application of marketing, sales and revenue generation tools, techniques and execution.
In addition to being a recognized speaker and though-leader.

Cari is the Chief Instructor of Digital Marketing at Green Fig, formerly Bend-Poly, where she works to create relevant and pragmatic learning to help students gain the experience needed to join the fast growing area of digital marketing.

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