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Gail Shlansky, Director of Products, ReadyAPI at SmartBear Software was nominated by Caroline Ambros.

Years in Business: 20+

Gail graduated with a master’s degree in computer science in an age when very few women were in the field, and has shown a commitment to the world of software ever since. After graduating, Gail quickly found her way to product management.

Gail has made a career out of introducing new products to the market and works closely with transactional and enterprise sales teams to define sales strategies to best impact the market. Among Gail’s favorite experiences in this vein was her time with Lotus, acquired by IBM during her tenure. During this time, Gail and her team developed products and helped shape the new Groupware, or collaboration, market. Later in her career, she was responsible for one of the most successful products in the SharePoint market for Microsoft.

In her current role at SmartBear, Director of Products for ReadyAPI, Gail leads the highest earning product suite for the company. She finds her work in the API space compelling because the marketplace is new and developing. She believes that the modern API economy is only the tip of the iceberg and is helping the marketplace grow.

During her tenure at SmartBear, the company has grown exponentially, due in part to Gail’s role in growing a mature product, SoapUI, downloaded by millions of users. Gail has worked to increase the number of SoapUI Open Source users who purchase SoapUI Pro by gaining better insights into that lead channel, and creating messages and programs around why open source users should move to the paid tool. She has also played a role in shaping new products, like ServiceV Pro, into a mature offering. Gail’s team has created a new market for ServiceV Pro by generating new interest, and driving those leads from interest to purchase.