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Jen Spencer, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, SmartBug Media

I was first introduced to Jen Spencer through Matt Heinz' Sales Pipeline Radio podcast. The topic was How to enable your entire go-to-market team: Best practices and advice to increase onversion rates and sales success.

That's a lot! But I've come to realize Jen Spencer is a LOT of everything sales and marketing. I'm not sure when she sleeps.

People say of Jen, " Those that choose to work with her get to share in that enthusiasm, and as a result, will become successful in their own right."

"Jen is also a leader, mentor and friend to her co-workers. She brings a high level of enthusiasm to everything she does and it’s contagious. "

"Jen gets things done. She isn't afraid to test, fail, and test again until she sees results. She is highly adaptable, committed and one of the hardest workers I've ever met. "

I've been listening to her shows, reading her articles and have come to appreciate the type of professional she is. She's approachable, engaging and action, not ego, centered. She educates anyone who would benefit from her insights, puts people together, makes connections that are valuable, she leads and inspires.