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Katie Bullard, Chief Growth Officer at DiscoverOrg was nominated by Krista Van Lewen.

Years in business: 4

Katie Bullard, Chief Growth Officer of DiscoverOrg, has quickly made an indelible mark in the sales intelligence space, and has been instrumental in the meteoric rise of DiscoverOrg, now the industry-leading sales and marketing intelligence provider. Since Katie joined DiscoverOrg two years ago, she has helped guide the company to its unprecedented growth:  In 2017—DiscoverOrg’s 10th year— the company surpassed all growth goals, including revenue, database size, profitability and number of employees. The marketing team, under Katie’s leadership, last year sourced 54% of the company’s revenue and was named Marketing Team of the Year by SIIA.

What principles guide Katie as she continually looks to build upon her team’s success? “I always take a holistic view of how to create an engine of growth by bringing together market strategy, product strategy, partner strategy, and acquisition strategy,” she says.

Katie’s 15-year background includes broad enterprise expertise encompassing finance, corporate strategy, recruiting, training, sales development, and operations—all of which complement her current responsibilities of leading the global marketing, product management, and partnership functions at DiscoverOrg.

“I think I'm proudest of my ability to bring diverse functions together to first define a clear “North Star” growth strategy—and then to execute it in concert with our other teams to achieve it,” she adds.

Katie holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Virginia.

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