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Lydia Sugarman, Venntive


Lydia Sugarman, CEO of Venntive has been nominated by: Lisa Padilla, Greg Chambers, Nancy Zare, David Raab and Michael Taylor.

"Lydia has spent years leading businesses through their toughest marketing challenges. She understands email marketing ins and outs. A seasoned marketer, Lydia can bring customers in with her end-to-end tools."

"Lydia not only grows her own business, but she is responsible for the growth of other businesses through her software company, Venntive. She demonstrates guidance and direction to her company and others. She is a leader to watch in 2018."

"A creative, inventive mind with a heart for helping others -- this is the core of what makes Lydia Sugarman outstanding. She's driven to succeed, and enhance the field of technology a geek that cares and speaks English. It's a rare combination. She's smart, strategic, and personable. She truly desires to be of service, yet she leads the way by innovating the world of marketing. Not only has my company benefited by her counsel, I have gained by her friendship. I highly recommend Lydia as a Woman Leader in Business."

"Lydia has built a thriving, innovative company in the cut-throat world of marketing automation.  Her product helps many small businesses and non-profit organizations operate effectively, helping to support a healthy business and social ecosystem beyond the grasp of giant corporations.  And she's done it with no outside funding."

"Top saleswoman that manages to succeed with minimal resources."