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Maneeza Aminy, Marvel Marketers


Maneeza Aminy, CEO of Marvel Marketers is nominated by Jaime Ciabattoni

Years in business: 20

Maneeza Aminy is CEO of Marvel Marketers, an expert marketing automation, strategy and ABM consultancy, that has grown at a rate >400% YOY. With an epic team of experts, Marvel Marketers has worked with 2500+ clients and is 100% referral based, including brands such as Google, RingCentral and Extreme Networks. Marvel Marketers launched a comprehensive social media campaign for 2017 which has since generated a 654% increase in traffic​.  Marvel Marketers has been honored and invited to speak at multiple events including the Boston Marketo User Group, Kalamazoo Social Media Week 2017, and the Big Sky Big Ideas Tech Summit. Maneeza previously worked at Marketo and Salesforce, and is often seen speaking as an expert on marketing industry trends. She i​was ​​also an Adjunct Professor of Economics and has worked with SAAS and CRM for most of her career.

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