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Ellie is nominated by David Donlan at Crayon. He says, "Ellie Mirman has built and scaled Crayon’s marketing to tens of thousands of users and hundreds of enterprise accounts, many in the Fortune 500, since joining the company just two years ago. Ellie brings a wealth of marketing experience from her time at HubSpot and Toast. At HubSpot, she was the second marketer and was responsible for demand generation and supporting hundreds of sales reps with 40,000+ new inbound leads every month. She established many marketing programs that helped the company scale from 100 customers to IPO for over seven years. At Toast, she built the marketing team and function, increasing marketing-sourced bookings >200% year-over-year and garnering national and industry coverage for the company’s fast growth, unique products, and customer success.

At Crayon, she is building marketing from scratch once again and has been a great partner for sales and product and a great supporter of her own team’s growth and development. She is a champion of professional development, customer centricity, data-driven marketing, and agile development to support the company’s ability to hit aggressive goals and constantly learn and grow. 

Ellie is a frequent blogger and speaker. Her blog articles have attracted thousands of readers, her ebooks have been downloaded thousands of times, and her presentations have been viewed by tens of thousands of marketers and business leaders. In 2019, she is speaking at B2B Marketing Exchange (Feb 25-27), SEMpdx (Mar 7-8), Product Marketing Community Conference (multiple dates and cities), and MAICON (Jul 16-18), among other engagements. Ellie has been recognized for her marketing accomplishments and leadership through awards, including BostInno’s 50 on Fire and SLMA’s Women Leaders to Watch in Business in previous years. Ellie frequently contributes to Crayon’s blog at, shares her presentations at"

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