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Ashley Ferguson - Hodges-Mace LLC


Ashley Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Sales at Hodges-Mace, LLC is nominated by Elizabeth Fairleigh and Ashley's team.

Ashley is a proven executive sales leader, developing high performing teams who exceed revenue targets for top line revenue growth. She is known for her results-driven philosophy, innovative thinking and change management leadership. With over 20 years of experience in multiple industries and market segments, she and her team align with marketing to consistently drive double digit sales growth.

Areas of Expertise:

Attracting and retaining talent
Leveraging data and analytics
Developing sales strategy and scaling organizations
Driving Women in Leadership initiatives
Lead generation and digital marketing strategies
Leadership of inside and outside sales teams
Compensation plan development
Quota setting and forecasting
Coaching and developing leaders

Personal: Avid traveler, skier and coaches young female athletes.