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Derrill Snyder, Senior Sales Consultant at Hodges-Mace, LLC is nominated by Elizabeth Fairleigh and Derrill's team.

Derrill is a Senior Sales Consultant at Hodges-Mace, LLC, where she handles business development and sales throughout Ohio, Michigan, Western PA, and West Virginia. She was named 2018 Rep of the Year for her sales successes - Every year since joining the company in 2015 Derrill has been named to the Champions Club recognizing top performers.

Derrill was chosen to serve on the Hodges-Mace's Rep Advisory Board, which is an exclusive group of individuals carefully selected for their leadership and industry knowledge. In this capacity Derrill makes decisions for the sales team and plans projects, often collaborating with marketing, to increase the knowledge base of the team. She also advises other reps on what’s going on in the industry and is considered a leader among her peers.

Derrill is a large case specialist at Hodges-Mace, which means many of her clients are large employers with 5K+ employees - While she has smaller clients she is one of the go-to salespeople for large enterprise clients with complex requirements.