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Patrice Greene - Inverta

Lisa Provenzano - Afero


Lisa Provenzano is nominated by Deborah Plasencia

Lisa Provenzano is the quintessential business leader, embodying both sales and marketing, from demand generation to sales operations and is immensely capable in lead management. Lisa understands the big picture, as well as the small tasks and nuances.

  • She has an extensive record of success in demand generation programs (Afero, Aptare, Axway, and SGI)
  • She is an expert in digital marketing  (marketing automation, content syndication, email, videos, webinars, social,etc.)
  • She is a specialist in multi-touch lead generation programs.

We have worked with a large number of marketers throughout the years, but if the DMP team had to pick one with whom to be in the trenches, Lisa would be among the top contenders. She truly shines!  She knowledgeably executes the end-to-end demand gen process and has expertly done so for a number of companies in a variety of b2b settings.  Lisa knows how to navigate demand gen, events, list and data operations and knit them all together to create winning campaigns. She understands all parts of the sales lead funnel and skillfully manages each stage, right up to sales customer conversion.  

In addition to her professional life, she has used her leadership skills to co-found Heroes Welcome Home, with the mission to honor and empower service members and their families for the sacrifices that they have made to protect our nation. Heroes Welcome Homework to provide safe emergency housing and transitional housing for homeless veterans and their families.  

Lisa Provenzano is a woman to watch.